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Six essential things you need to know as a student at the University of Warwick

Sophie Dudhill discusses the serious and the silly: from application congratulations to circling, clubbing and Coventry

1. Only 14.8 percent of students who applied actually made it here in 2013 – Warwick is one of the best universities in the UK and getting in is an impressive feat! Congratulations! More recently, Warwick was named by the Times as the University of the Year for 2015.

2. Warwick ranks 24th in the student beans sex league with an average of 5.88 sexual partners. Although there are 24 other universities having more sex than the students of Warwick, the University cam higher than Coventry which is all that matters.

3. Wednesday nights mean only one thing. Circle. Clubs across campus don all types of costumes and spend much of the night drinking ‘purple’, a magic liquid that every Warwick student can’t live without. Most will end up in the infamous Pop! Night which proceeds circle.

4. Warwick is exactly how the Inbetweeners made it look… You may well find yourself eating a Bonsai tree, or indeed running around Leamington spa with ‘FRESH’ branded across your forehead at your sport team initiations.

5. Contrary to popular belief, the University of Warwick is not in Warwick itself but nearer Coventry. You’ll probably never even visit Warwick. Thanks to UniExpress, visits to Gatecrasher in Birmingham or Kasbah in Coventry are far more likely. They provide transport, entry and Q-jumps and are by far the cheapest way to go out.

6. ‘Smack’ is not a drug but a local club in Leamington Spa and one of the most popular nights out every Tuesday and Thursday.

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