U1 bus caught on fire on campus

photo: Jessica Burns

photo: Callum Cant
photo: Jessica Burns
view of the smoke from the Library fifth floor; photo: Adrian Ortuño Güendell
photo: Andy King
The accident occurred on Gibbet Hill Road by the Library Road intersection

A Stagecoach Unibus (U1) bus caught on fire this morning about 9.22am on Gibbet Hill Road.

The fire happened just outside the Warwick Business School Teaching centre, where Library Road intersects with Gibbet Hill Road.

Fire services were present at the scene though no one was injured.

Eight people including the driver were on board the bus at the time, according to the Coventry Telegraph.

The driver told the Telegraph: “A passenger told me there was smoke coming from under the back seat, the next minute [the] whole bus [was] full of smoke.”

busonfire - Adrian

View from the Library; Photo: The Boar

Huge smoke fumes could be seen from around campus and around the local area.

Jessica Burns, second-year Business Management student, saw the bus on fire from a bus behind. She said: “I was on the bus thinking my life was hell that I still have exams and then I looked up and the bus in front of us was on fire”

“I’m not sure what exactly happened but the rumour was a malfunction with the tank.

“Within 10 minutes the whole bus was destroyed leaving just the frame behind. When the firemen arrived they got straight to it but struggled to tame it!

“By the time we had got there everyone had already gotten off the bus… The passengers didn’t appear to be on site.

“It was really bad, the fumes were thick and you could see them from all angles around campus, and the smell from the fumes were potent!”

I was on the bus thinking my life was hell that I still have exams and then I looked up and the bus in front of us was on fire – Jessica Burns

Brogan Rose Pierce, second-year Literature student, also drove past the scene: “We were driving down Gibbet HIll Road just before 9.30 and there were loads of traffic, the cars in front of us kept turning around.

“… we saw the bus on fire with loads of smoke pouring out… the back right corner was really charred. It looked really scary but there was no one on the bus…

“Once we’d parked we could see the smoke over campus. It seemed to increase dramatically at one point – I presume around the time the roof collapsed or when the fuel ignited.”

The Social Sciences building and Radcliffe House has been evacuated because of the smoke and Gibbet Road has been closed to allow access for emergency services vehicles.

The University issued a statement this morning and stated with regards to the road closures: “While Gibbet Hill Road is closed, we advise that you use alternative routes to get around campus. We’ll post more information as it becomes available.”

As of 10.30am, Gibbet Hill Road is closed between the Kirby Corner Road roundabout and the Leighfield Road roundabout.

Peter Dunn, head of Communications for the University, commented: “We don’t know what caused the fire. I am sure the fire service will be investigating with the bus company.”

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