Warwick wins ‘Nightline of the Year’ award

Warwick’s student support service has been awarded “Nightline of the Year” by the Nightline Association.

The charity provides student-led support to 36 different hubs covering more than 90 universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with more than 2,100 volunteers nationwide.

A significant amount of students may not know where it is or what a vital contact point it is for students across campus. Behind the Rootes laundrette, there is an army of volunteers across all years who give up their time to ensure any student in trouble is given help and assistance if ever they need it.

The award was given in recognition of their “exceptional work over the last academic year in which they supported hundreds of students; achieved Good Practice Guidelines accreditation; and introduced a Steering Committee comprised of their most experienced members to assist in the future development of Warwick Nightline.”

When SU President-elect, Cat Turnham, made one of her election promises to be stronger on mental health education, it is a massive boost that Warwick’s support services are performing at the highest standard.

Charity development manager of the Nightline Association, Mags Godderidge commented: “The awards ceremony recognises the exceptional dedication, commitment and success of our specially trained student volunteers who selflessly give their time to offer through-the-night support to other students. We are incredibly proud of all of them and their achievements.”

For more information about Warwick Nightline, visit their website on www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk/nightline or contact them at nightline@warwick.ac.uk.


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