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Ruby becomes third consecutive female sports officer since 2012

Ruby Compton-Davies, third-year Sociology undergraduate, has been elected Students’ Union (SU) sports officer for the 2014-15 year after running against Ruth Leong-Scanlan and Shamira Naidu Young in this year’s SU elections.

Ruby will be the third consecutive female sports officer since Natasha Cabral in 2012-13.

She promises, in her manifesto, to make sport more accessible and to improve Warwick Sport by making developments more transparent and making Varsity more organised.

For sports clubs, she also promises later circling at Pop! to ensure that teams playing away fixtures will not miss out on the event, a storage revamp for more space-effective equipment storage, an increased publicity for match results through media societies on campus.

Ruby was Women’s Football captain in 2012-13, a national champion with Warwick Devil Cheer in 2012 as well as a competitive member of Netball, Classical and Modern Dance, and Dodgeball. She is also currently a RaW presenter.

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