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Miss Patina: Fashion fades, style is eternal

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Chloe Wynne takes a look at the up and coming brand ‘Miss Patina’.

Fashion deity Coco Chanel once said that simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance, and that a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Yet, in today’s somewhat ‘samey’, over-crowded high street it’d seem that simple, fabulous clothes are hard to come by – especially with a student budget. Thus, people turn to vintage; the affordable, rustic look that doesn’t let you down. Now there’s a new kid on the block, one that merges unswerving vintage-inspirations with simple contemporary trends: Miss Patina.

The story began in 2009 when a group of London fashion students fascinated by the city’s past spotted a gap in the market for a brand that could merge the new with the old. Five years on and Miss Patina’s niche pieces are now sold in boutiques and Topshop concessions across the globe, and are flaunted by the likes of Sienna Miller, Elle Fanning and Suki Waterhouse.

As a British brand, the past and present styles of the isle are reflected in Miss Patina’s designs, which often include English and Scottish fabrics such as tweed and plaid. This does not mean that Miss Patina creations are exclusively British; European and American icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, Denise Sarrault and Debbie Harry are regular influences too.

Their clothes are clean-cut and finely finished with intricate details highlighting just how much thought and design has gone into the garments; it is the buttons, the lace trimmings, and the extra embroidery on the collar that make their clothes special. But it’s never overdone – clearly, Miss Patina paid attention to Coco Chanel’s wise words about simplicity and elegance.

Today’s fashion market is somewhat overcrowded, meaning that clothes on the high street can sometimes be quite ‘samey’. Wearing a shirt that you know thirty other people in a one mile vicinity will also have, or a dress that is mass-produced without much attention to its final finish, does not make you feel as fab as an article of clothing that has been meticulously crafted. Wearing the label is also sin-free as they are committed to sourcing their fabrics ethically by excluding fur and following environmentally friendly policies.

Miss Patina has already made quite an impression, but the potential to broaden their horizons is both ncredible and exciting. Picture Bardot style swimsuits, or 1950’s inspired balconette bras. Reinventing classics is not exclusive to ladies wear though; vintage inspirations could be represented in homeware and childrenswear.

Finally, being such a niche brand, it is clear from Miss Patina’s pieces just how vigorous their design process is; designers at Miss Patina map current trends and link them with vintage fashions, which involves plenty of research into fashion history as well as anticipating next season’s trends.

In fact, The Boar has been given a sneak preview of Miss Patina’s upcoming SS14 collection, which proves diverse in style with heavy influences from 1960’s Britain, traditional looks from the Netherlands, topped off with some seaside chic.

1960’s A-line skirts and Dutch pale colours are ever-present in the SS14 collection, ideal for when the sun (eventually) comes out. There are also elegant hints of the Regency period, as seen with the dress pictured above right. The Neo-Classical short waist complimented by a loose skirt is a timeless design, whilst the floral pattern used by Miss Patina is also classic yet contemporary.

New pieces boast a variety of floral designs fit for summer as seen bottom left with the flower appliqué dress brimming with elegance. For a more casual look Miss Patina have used the same floral influence for the shirt pictured bottom right, which combines seasonal, feminine colours with a neat fit, especially on the sleeves. Delicacy is intrinsic to the SS14 collection, which boasts many light, minimal designs featured below.

The pale pink top above, a must-have, also reflects the classic feminine look. The exquisite ‘Gatsbyesque’ design in the top right dress makes it a cute addition to a summer wardrobe, ideal for a garden party. Loose chequers on the bottom left shirt make that piece stand out, which could be complimented with shorts, but could also go well with denim. The blue dress pictured on the bottom right has a graceful neckline jazzed up with a cut-out on the shoulder. A tight waistline and loose skirt make it a desirable piece for summer with a sweet and simple pattern.

The trimming on the nude top pictured top right, the collar detail on the bottom left shirt and the neckline cut featured bottom right are exemplary of how thorough Miss Patina designs are. As for the dress pictured top left, where’s my purse? Such intricate elements mixed with rich fabric make their clothes effortlessly cool.

So, from the glimpse we have had of Miss Patina’s new goodies it would seem that their charming, glamorous look has filled a gap in the world fashion market, and with pieces like these they are set to grow more and more.

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Q: What are the inspirations for Miss Patina’s SS14 collection?
A: 1920s fashion with Indian infusions
B: 1980s looks and Parisian attire
C: 1960s style and traditional Dutch fashion

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  • Hi lovelies,
    I know Im rather late to this party but I was wondering where does it say that they follow environmentally friendly policies? I love their stuff but Im curious where and how they produce those wonderful pieces.



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