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Residents and students call for increased road safety measures

A resident from Wainbody Ward has organised an online petition following the death of Maggie Cheung.

The incident has probed an outcry among local residents and students, calling for the University and Coventry City Council to take preventative action against any potential accidents in the future.

The e-petition aims to improve road safety in Cannon Park through the creation of a pedestrian crossing between Cannon Park Shopping Centre and Warwick University campus.

The petition, sponsored by councillor John Blundell, also seeks to introduce a 20mph speed limit to stop cars passing the bend by the Science Park at dangerous speeds.

Despite these widespread concerns over safety on local roads, there were some who didn’t feel feel so strongly about the issue.

Darrel Coker, a first-year Accounting and Finance student, told the Boar: “I don’t think the accident raises road safety concerns. Although it’s alarming that it happened so close to us, these type of incidents happen nationwide everyday.

“I think lower speed limits are required in some high risk areas, for example parts of London. I don’t think it poses any extra risks, but it’s an unfortunate reminder that we have to be careful.”

The end date of the petition is March 1, and can be found here.

Furthermore, local resident Susan Hoult sent an open letter to the University, expressing her desire to see students educated about road safety in the areas around campus.

She wrote: “Could it not be possible that when overseas students arrive at the University at their induction, they could be made aware of the normal road safety procedures to ensure their safety on our roads?”

Last week an unnamed woman also narrowly escaped fatal injuries in an area close to the University.

She crashed into a wooden fence on the A46 and was inches away from being impaled by a wooden fencepost, which had come through her windscreen.

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