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Got any plans this NYE?

Susanna Chapman welcomes in the New Year with two lists of potential New Year’s Eve plans: are you a victim of tradition, or does a less conventional celebration appeal?

5 Essential Things To Do on New Year’s Eve

1.       Drink ‘Champagne’ at Midnight

It’s essential. Too broke? Lambrini’ll do. Don’t drink? Kid’s champagne. Or take a glass of coke and call it ‘champagne’. It’s something to do with your hands while you speculate as to whether the date on the calendar will actually make a difference in your life.

2.       Phone Your Family

I stay in every New Year’s Eve and watch the same cult Russian film about getting pissed in a sauna on the 31st before finding true love (see below). But even if you are the rave type, or have decided to spend New Year’s in Smack, a quick call or even a text will always be appreciated. They are the ones who will be there for you no matter what 2014 brings – it’s worth bearing that in mind.

3.       Watch Fireworks

At midnight, I always barge outside with a coat thrown on and my glass of whatever – whether you watch from down the road, do them in your own garden, or are in a city centre, you may as well, they’ll help you ignore the pressure to make this year ‘the best yet’.

4.       Top 10 (or 12, or 20)

Right before midnight, I like to list the top however many moments of my year. It allows me to relieve the pressure that I had to make that year the ‘best’, and see that it wasn’t that bad after all. It’s a wonderful way to isolate all of those special moments that sometimes get lost in the speed of our lives. And sometimes, when I look back on these lists, I’m like: I enjoyed kissing him?

5.       Dress to Impress

Go on. Go crazy. Wear what you want. Because if not today, then when? Have a great New Year’s Eve, no matter what you do! And if you end up in Smack… good luck.


5 Less Conventional Things to do on New Year’s Eve

1.       Travel Somewhere Unusual

If you are somebody who finds that ‘every year is the same’, there is no better time to start making changes than Day 1 (or indeed, -1). You may or may not stick to your New Year’s resolutions, but spending New Year’s in a new destination, whether it’s the Caribbean, Paris or Putney, is guaranteed to be a change in itself.

2.       Watch ‘The Irony of Fate’

A Russian classic and a personal favourite: on New Year’s Eve a guy goes to public bath, gets drunk; friends shove him onto a plane for another city. Due to the identical nature of Soviet apartment blocks, at least in this film, the guy is able to let himself in to the flat, and crawl back into bed… until the unsuspecting, attractive, female resident of the flat comes home. That’s when things get interesting…

3.       Go Out for a Meal

This is a lovely option. With your friends, girl/boyfriend, and/or family, just go out for a relaxing, tasty evening and greet the New Year in style.

4.       Play on the Sims

This is tragic, I know. If you are an addict like me, though, it would probably be the ideal way to pass a festive evening. I can’t, due to cultural traditions (I’m half Polish, and my family is big on traditions) but I would if I could. It’s just one step above sleeping through New Year’s.

Or, break all the rules:

5.    Go to bed before Midnight

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. If you’re going to face 2014, you may as well be refreshed, revitalised, and rosy-cheeked, right? Don’t be concerned that others around you have one-million-and-one plans. Take your Champagne, or Champagne substitute, guzzle it by 9 o’clock and get set for a well-rested New Year. Going to bed early – totally unconventional, but then, sometimes the best things in life are.

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