Manny Pacquiao is more than ready to face Floyd Mayweather, but will they meet? Photo: Lord Jim

Will unbeaten Mayweather ever take on the ‘Pac-Man’?

In September, 36-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. retained his unbeaten record when he took his 45th victory in the ring against Saul Alvarez. This was the second instalment in his six-fight deal before retirement, meaning that four more contenders still have a chance at taking on Mayweather in the hope of wiping his ‘unbeaten’ title.

There is a long list of potential opponents who would love the dream shot at Mayweather. None of them however present such a formidable threat as 34-year-old boxer and Filipino politician Manny ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao.

His record thus far is hugely impressive: 54 wins, two draws and only five losses make him the ideal candidate to face Mayweather.

The two welterweight fighters have fought, and beaten, many of the same contenders including Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and Miguel Cotto. They even shared the title of ‘Pound-for-Pound Number One’ in the world in their weight division – but they are yet to meet in the ring.

So, why haven’t they fought? Well, they were due to do so in March 2010. However, Pacquiao rejected Mayweather’s demand of an Olympic style drug test in the run up to the event. Whilst this seems a contentious move for a sportsman to make, Pacquaio reasoned himself with the claim that taking his blood would weaken him before the fight, and his trainer backed this.

Fast forward to 2012 and the next round of negotiations for the so-called ‘fight of the century’ collapsed over a money row. Pacquiao was offered a flat fee of $40 million – a tidy sum indeed – but ‘Money’ Mayweather did not offer him any share of the pay-per-views revenue.

Considering that Mayweather’s latest fight against Alvarez generated $150million from this scheme alone, it is easy to see why Pacquiao deemed his cut unfair. Yet, ‘Pac-Man’ has since agreed to split the revenue that their fight would generate 55-45 in Mayweather’s favour.

Floyd 'money' Mayweather  rejected a 50/50 split of the revenue with Pacquiao.

Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather rejected a 50/50 split of the revenue with Pacquiao. Photo: So Max

What’s more, with the lack of a central organisation to organise fights in the boxing arena, with it instead being done by rival companies, the likelihood of this fight happening gets weaker.

Not only do different promotional companies manage the two boxers, but their respective managers and TV networks are in opposition. Mayweather’s former promoter, Bob Arum, who currently manages Pacquaio, has in the past branded Floyd’s new promoter and fellow boxer, De La Hoya, a ‘moron,’ asking ‘who the hell is he?’

In the ‘Golden Boy’ camp, De La Hoya has stated that for as long as Arum is involved with ‘Top Rank Promotions,’ De La Hoya will never deal with them. To complicate things further, Top Rank now fights exclusively on TV station HBO, whereas Golden Boy only fight on Showtime.

There are complications, yet a fight is strongly speculated about, anticipated, and somewhat demanded by boxing fans.

In football, the equivalent would be an intense penalty shootout between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Formula 1 fans, just envisage a race between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso where they drive the same car. Tennis fanatics, think of a Grand Slam between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Warwick students, picture Varsity. This is how significant a Mayweather and Pacquiao fight would be in the sport.

Pacquiao’s southpaw boxing stance would counter Mayweather’s orthodox style, making for an even more interesting clash. In the past, Mayweather has conquered southpaw boxers such as Victor Ortiz and Zab Judah, neither of whom have faced ‘Pac-Man.’ These other southpaw fighters do not have the power or speed of Mayweather’s prospective rival. For example, Pacquiao defeated Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto after twelve rounds, who was able to knock down Judah in just eleven.

As for the outcome of such an event, we can only speculate. Recently, Mike Tyson told the press that even he was unsure of who would win. Through comparing the results of ‘Money’ and ‘Pac-Man,’ we may be able to get a clearer picture of who would be victorious if the two ever do fight it out.

Mayweather sought a fight with Pacquiao in 2012, but it didn't materialise.

Mayweather sought a fight with Pacquiao in 2012, but it didn’t materialise. Photo: Twitter @FloydMayweather

It is true that Mayweather has won 100 per cent of his fights, while Pacquiao trails with a still-magnificent 89 per cent. However, the Filipino has been involved in sixteen more fights than the American. Manny’s record suggests he has every chance of winning.

When fighting De La Hoya, Pacquiao achieved a technical knockout. However, when Mayweather came up against him, De La Hoya did not quit, leaving Mayweather to win narrowly by the decision of the judges – not a knockout.

These results are also the same when considering their respective fights with Cotto. Similarly, Ricky Hatton was knocked out by Manny after just two rounds, whilst he faced a defeat from ‘Money’ after ten. All of this would suggest that the power packed into Pacquiao’s punch may be enough to take on Mayweather and win.

On the flip side, Pacquiao has had four tough fights against Mexican Marquez, including his last fight when he was the victim of a late knockout in the sixth round. In comparison, Mayweather outclassed Marquez when they met in the ring in 2009.

Therefore, the power and speed of Pacquiao coupled with the defensive genius of Mayweather could result in the biggest grossing fight in the history of boxing.

Boxing fans across the globe will now have to wait for Pacquiao’s upcoming fight on the 23rd of this month against Brandon Rios, which he is dedicating to the recent natural disaster in the Phillippines. The politician-boxer is in a must win situation after suffering two consecutive losses. If successful, it is more than likely that Mayweather will face criticism if he avoids a fight with Pacquiao. (Update below)

There has certainly been a build up. In the typical style of boxers who often ‘talk the talk,’ before only one of them in the ring actually ‘walks the walk,’ Mayweather has come out and said that comparing him to Pacquiao would be “like comparing a watermelon to a grape.” Manny has deflected this insult, saying instead that Mayweather is “kind of afraid of him.”

With Mayweather’s next fight planned for May, but no one yet confirmed to be his contender, boxing fans everywhere can only sit and hope that the name of one Manny Pacquiao is announced.


UPDATE (23 November 2013): Manny Pacquiao has won his match against Brandon Rios by unanimous decision. There will now be heavy pressure in the aftermath of the fight for Mayweather to acknowledge his victory and finally take him on.

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  • it will happen next year…trust me!

  • PacKo MayMouth

    “Will unbeaten Mayweather ever take on the ‘Pac-Man’?’

    NOT, unless….Pacquiao will do what Mosley and Canelo did.

  • Mucho macho man

    Note to Pacquia: you need to first get a few wins under your belt. You need to avenge your losses to Bradley and Marquez, not to mention Rios. Handle your business with Rios, before you start talking about fighting Mayweather.

    • Rodney Sarmiento

      did floyd require cotto to avenge his loss to pacquiao before he fought
      him? how about marquez? did he require him to avenge his loss to
      pacquiao? truth hurts that even the floydiots are afraid and have no
      courage to see their hero to be brutally pummeled and eventually
      knocked-out by the pacman…. lol…

      • Pacquiao has lost the right to fight Mayweather, if he loses to Rios then he’s looking to fight an undefeated champion on the back of three defeats. He doesn’t deserve the bout. I hardly think Mayweather lacks the ‘courage’ to fight a man who has lost his last three fights, it’s simply that Pacquiao won’t be worthy enough to fight him. Only if your Pacman beats Rios (big if) can people start talking about this bout.

        • PacKo MayMouth

          Then why Khan fight has become the talk of floyd joy’s camp?

          • Because Khan doesn’t have the pugnaciousness to lose two fights in a row and then to assume he’s worthy of meeting Mayweather in the ring. Khan lost two on the bounce and has started working his way up again. If he fights Mayweather after his next bout, assuming he wins, he’ll be meeting him on the back of three victories. Only Pacquiao believes he has a god given right to fight Mayweather, despite being on a losing streak

          • Aye Bee Cee

            That’s Media Hype…Mayweather’s Camp Hasn’t Said Shit About Amir Khan Nor Have They Entertained The Idea…..

            The Story Has Gotten Twisted Because AMIR KHAN WANTS A MAYWEATHER FIGHT & Has Had Golden Boy Trying To Contact Mayweather’s Camp & Doing All They Can To TRY TO GET A MAYWEATHER FIGHT….Mayweather Has The Final Say IN Who He Fights Though & Until U Hear/See Him Mention Amir Khan, It’s All Just Media BS…Haha…Schaeffer Thinks Khan Is Faster Than Mayweather So HE THINKS It’d Be A Good Fight….Golden Boy Is Trying To Find An Opponent For Mayweather On THEIR SIDE But Mayweather Has To Agree & Gets The Final Say Of Who He Will Fight…Khan Is Who GOLDEN BOY Wants To Get A Shot @ Mayweather, Not Who Mayweather Wants To Fight…Haha..He’s The Guy That They’re Pushing As “The One” For Mayweather’s Next Fight…

          • PacKo MayMouth

            Really??? How about this?


            Where have you’ve been lately, having a nice view of floyd joy’s colon?

            Are you scared to know that your idol is a mere con? Or you’re just a plain floydolt?

          • PacKo MayMouth

            And this:


            Better for you to pull-out your head from floyd joy’s colon and breath some fresh air.

        • Now the fight has happened, do you think Manny deserves the bout after winning his last fight against Rios?

      • Cotto Was Smart Enough NOT TO SIGN AN Extension With TOP RANK Though…He Was A Free Agent That Bob Arum Had No Control Over & He Was Undefeated @ Jr. Middleweight…The Weight That Pacquiao REF– USED To Fight Him @…

        Pacquiao Didn’t Explore His Options As A Free Agent…After Years Of His Goofy Ass Saying, “I Fight Whoever My Promoter Tells Me To Fight” & Years Of His Promoter Saying “We Don’t Need A Mayweather Fight”, He Decided To Sign An Extension With That Guy Then Claim He Wants A Mayweather Fight? Ahahaha..Fuck Outta Here, Mane…The Truth Is Pretty Clear…

      • Mucho macho man

        Rios is going to beat the shyt outta pac-a-roid this weekend 😉 Knock him out just like JMM

    • Now it has been handled, what happens?

  • Christian Ramirez

    Pretty sure the fight didn’t happen because Bob Arum didn’t want to let his star fighter get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

    Mayweather usually fights guys coming off good wins. He fought Marquez, right after Marquez KO’d Diaz. He fought Mosley, who was coming off knocking out Margarito. Floyd fought Ortiz after Ortiz beat Berto. He fought Cotto, after Cotto stopped Margarito. He fought Guerrero, after Guerrero beat up Berto, and Floyd fought Alvarez, right after Alvarez beat Trout. Note that all of these opponents were not under Top Rank when they fought Floyd.

    Could the Pacquiao fight happen? Totally! But not as long as Pacquiao stays under Top Rank :

    • Notice how he avoided Pacquiao after beating all the elite boxers of this Era

      • Christian Ramirez

        Naaaa, Pacquiao is the one that backed out of the negotiations, over a bloodtest. Then Pacquiao backed out again when Floyd personally called Manny, and offered him 40 million. (Though I do think the real reason Pacquiao backed out is because his boss told him to do it) So really, Pacquiao is the one that avoided Mayweather.

        • it only shows your ignorance of the situation, how come pacman accept such a fixed offer considering that pacman is the real draw between two of them. That is only a ploy of floyd to duck pacman and everybody knows that. He is just unsure of his chances against pacman.

          • Aye Bee Cee

            No, It Shows Ur Ignorance U Fool…Pacquiao Is The Real Draw? Mayweather Has Outsold Pacquiao’s PPV Total By MILLIONS….In Less Fights Than Pacquiao…Haha…He’s The Top Earning & Top Grossing Fighter Currently…Hell, Outside Of De La Hoya, No Fighter Has Made As Much Money….Pacquaio Just Recently Lost Which Hurt His Stock More…

            Mayweather Beat The Undisputed #1 Jr. Middleweight According To All Major Boxing Organizations & Publications….That’s The Standard He’s Held To…Fighting The Best…….

            Pacquiao Is Fighting Brandon Rios For God’s Sake…A Basic Brawler Coming Off A Loss & Moving UP To Welterweight For The 1st Time On His 1st PPV Fight…The Boy So Brain Damaged That He Stutters & Has A Lisp @ 26….Haha…Fuck Outta Here, Mane…

            Bob Arum Knows Pacquiao Has No Chance Against Mayweather….He Himself Has Admitted That Mayweather Is The Superior Fighter…He Prefers Pacquiao Though Because His Style Of Fighting Is EASIER FOR HIM TO MARKET….

            See Rigo vs. Donaire For Further Proof…Rigo Beat Donaire But Bob Arum Said He’s Boring…So He’s Promoting Donaire & Pushing His Brand To The Fullest While Throwing Donaire On The Backburner…The Same Way He Tried To Do Mayweather Back In The Day….& The Same Way He Did Tim Bradley Until He Slugged It Out With Provodnikov…Ahaha..Then All Of A Sudden He Could Get A Marquez Fight & Etc…Bob Arum Forces His Fighters To Get Knocked The Fuck Out & Take Punishment Because He Sells A “WWE” Brand Of Boxing Rather Than Pure Skills & Actual Boxing…

        • PacKo MayMouth

          Pacquiao has agreed blood testing even after every round provided that it’s the the two of them will be tested.

        • I think that both of you have valid points on this one. They seem to both be playing the avoidance game in one way or another.

      • scared fighter would invent all the alibis in the world not to fight the one who would beat him..

    • Dan Jr Openia

      who?.marquez? the guy he cheated in the scale?.mosley?.the old guy who nearly knock him out?..ortiz, the guy he punch when ortiz hands were down?..cotto?.who made his nose blooded?..guerrero? who’s that?..alvarez?.come on, the guy who agreed for a fixed fight and dela hoya can’t take it and he throws his body inside rehab?…then he want to fight khan who struggles with julio diaz (diaz who?) ……

      • Christian Ramirez

        Marquez the guy that knocked Pacquiao out, Mosley a full welterweight that many believed Floyd was avoiding, Ortiz a young strong champ in Floyd’s weight class, Cotto a 154 pound little tank that lost at his own game on the inside to Floyd, Guerrero a strong experienced southpaw, and Alvarez a middleweight at 154 coming off wins against Mosley and Trout. Hilarious how Floyd beating Alvarez now all of a sudden makes it a fixed fight, and what Khan fight? There is no Khan fight.

        • Mucho macho man

          Christian there is no cure for mental pac-tardation. They can’t be taught.

        • PacKo MayMouth

          Marquez has been chasing Pacquiao to avenge his 2 loses and not with Angel Heredia’s care when he faced floyd joy. And yes, Marquez was weight-cheated aside from being bloated. floyd joy didn’t sign the contract to seal the fight against Mosley until the latter has been financially challenged due to divorce settlement and other issues that made Mosley sold the fight provided that his championship belt is not put on the line. I don’t see Ortiz winning against floyd joy but sucker punching is definitely not a suitable way to win. Cotto, the guy who was beaten who was manhandled easily by Pacquiao but had managed to push floyd at the corner and made him bled. Guerrero was a cherry ripe for the picking for floyd joy. Alvarez? the guy who sold not only the fight but also his countrymen who look after him as a hero. Khan fight is so prevalent in the sport media likewise its possibility of happening. And……..

          • Aye Bee Cee

            Get Ur Facts Right…

            1) Marquez Lost To Mayweather Due To His Reach, Speed, Defense & Reflexes…Marquez Like Damn Near Everyone Who Faces Mayweather Said That He Couldn’t Land Any Clean Shots…So Even After He Knocked Out Pacquiao, He Said He Had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST In A Rematch With Mayweather…& Told Pacquiao That Mayweather Would Whoop His Ass…Not Even Marquez Blames The Weight For The Reason He Lost To Mayweather…He Said He’s Been Cheated 6 Times…He Has 7 Losses…Guess Which One He Left Out? Haha

            2) Mosley? Didn’t Ur Boy Pacquiao’s Promoter BOB ARUM Tell Mayweather That If He Wanted A Pacquiao Fight That He Should Fight Guys Like Shane Mosley & Cotto But Wouldn’t Because “They’re Too Much Of A Risk”? Didn’t Shane Mosley Climb His Ass Into The Ring After The Marquez Fight & Disrespect Mayweather? He Got The Fight & He Lost…Nobody Wants To Hear About No Divorce Settlement BS…Mayweather Been Calling Out Mosley Since Early In Their Careers…The First Time Mosley Ducked Him To Move Up In Weight To Fight De La Hoya For The Big Money…I Can’t Knock Him For That…The 2nd Time Which Was About 2005 Or So, Mosley Claimed He Had To Go To The Dentist For A Toothache & All Types Of BS…He Didn’t Want A Mayweather Fight UNTIL HE NEEDED THE MONEY & Mayweather Was The Top PP4 Draw…

            3) Ortiz & Sucker Punching? Go Back & Watch The Fight…Tell Me Who Was Winning? Mayweather Easily…Now WATCH CLOSELY THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE FIGHT..Tell Me How Many Times Ortiz Was Trying To Land A Headbutt But Failed Until Round 4 When He Finally Jumped Into 1…& After The Headbutt, He Threw A Sucker Punch That Hit Mayweather In The Mouth….Yet Someone Is Supposed To Feel Sympathy For Him Gettin’ Knocked The Fuck Out After The Ref Told Them To Fight? Ahaha…I Didn’t Know U Could SEE SUCKER PUNCHES Coming..

            4) Cotto Fought Pacquiao @ 145 Pounds Even Though He’d Already Planned To Move Up To Jr. Middleweight Because He Couldn’t Make Welterweight Without Draining Himself Anymore…When He Made That 145 Pound Limit, Freddie Roach Celebrated Like They’d Already Won Because He Knew Cotto Wouldn’t Have The Power He Typically Has…After That He Moved Up To Jr. Middleweight…Pacquiao Wanted A Rematch With Cotto…Cotto Refused To Come Down To 147 & Was A Free Agent So Bob Arum Couldn’t Force Him To…He Told Pacquiao To Come Up To 154….Pacquiao Refused…So Mayweather Took The Fight Against A Cotto That Had Knocked Out & Stopped All Of His Opponents @ 154….& Won…Fighting His Fight Because U Dumb Ass Casual Fans Always Say He Runs…Well He Stood In The Pocket & Traded With Cotto Just Like He’s Been Doing In All Of His Fights For The Past Few Years But That One More Than Usual…In Which Afterwards When They Asked Why He Did It, He Said “Did U Enjoy The Fight?”….Now Freddie Roach Is Saying That They’re Pac & Cotto Are Friends & That They Shouldn’t Fight Because Even Alex Ariza Admitted That Pacquiao Is Afraid Of Cotto & If They Can’t Drain HIm Down To 147, They Want No Parts Of Him….

            5) Guerrero Was The WBC MANDATORY CHALLENGER…Do U Casual Fans Know What A MANDATORY CHALLENGER Is? That Means They’re The Next Best Opponent For The Champion & Must Be Fought Or The Champion Will Be Stripped Of His Title…Guerrero Earned That Distinction By Beating Berto In That Lil’ War They Had….

            6) Alvarez…The Guy Who Was Ranked #1 In Every Major Boxing Organization As Well As Being The WBA REGULAR Champ & WBC Jr. Middleweight Champ B4 He Lost To Mayweather…

            7) We Point Out All This While Ignoring One Major Truth…Pacquiao Has Had All His Opponents LITERALLY CHERRYPICKED FOR HIM…When He Fought Margarito To Get That Jr. Middleweight Title, It Was A Fluke…Margarito Got His Title From A Bout For A Vacant One..& They Jumped On That Because He’s A Basic Ass Brawler Whose Style Is Tailor-Made For Pacquiao…But After He Rehydrated, He Had So Much Power That Even Though Pacquiao Destroyed His Eye, He Had To Stay In Bed For Days After That Fight & Proclaimed That He’d Never Fight Above 147 Again Because Of The Power Difference….Haha…Since Then He’s Fought Who? Smaller Guys Moving Up Weight & NONE OF THEM Had Titles Or Were The Best Opponent Out There For Him…Marquez Came Up In Weight To Fight Him Both Times….Tim Bradley Faced Him In His Very 1st Welterweight Fight After Bob Arum Introduced Him With That Fight Against 40 Year Old Joel Casamayor On The Pac-Marquez 3 Undercard…& Now He’s Facing Brandon Rios Whose Coming Off A Loss To Mike Alvarado & Moving Up To Welterweight For His 1st Fight As Well…

            WHAT’S THE LAST MAYWEATHER OPPONENT COMING OFF A LOSS U Can Think Of? Exactly…Ahaha..I Don’t Even Know Why I’m Responding To U Retards…”MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW S*** ABOUT BOXING”

          • PacKo MayMouth

            It’s pretty amusing that you still managed to babble while your nose sticks on floyd joy’s colon. If you really know a thing about boxing, you would agree that 2lbs is not a little advantage specially when your opponent is a 130-pounder and had only 2 bouts in 135lbs division? And don’t know that your idol has been claiming that his the man, thus, he’s the one dictating? But then all of the sudden, Mosley became the boss when he said that he will not put the belt on the line? Well, anyway floyd is flushing the championship belt(s) that he’s having because for him it’s/they are useless. If you don’t lack reading comprehensions skill, you might have know that there’s nowhere in my post I said that Ortiz was winning. Yet, I would insist that sucker punching is not a suitable way to win. Talking about Pacquiao-Cotto catchweight,, did your idol’s camp celebrate when they demand it from Canelo? HYPOCRITE? Speaking of Mandatory challenger, can you tell me what your idol did to Margarito and even Mosley (at their prime) when they became the ‘MANDATORY challenger? you hardcore fan? I didn’t argue with you about floyd joy’s opponents coming from wins. But you can deny the fact that Pacquiao, when he challenged your SCARED idol was demolishing every fighter in every division (no matter how you brush it) and was the P4P king. But all we can hear was demand here, demand there; IFs her BUTS here; and unending BLAAAHHH, BLAAHHH BLLAAAHHH. BLLAAAHHH. And you will not be happy what’s in the sports media now, Khan will be the next? Really? OMG! Then for sure, Khan will suddenly become a tough opponent, right? floyd joy zombie? Now, do yourself a favor, pull out your head from foyd joy’s ass and breath yourself some fresh air.

    • Sophie Santos

      Mayweather fought Marquez at a catch weight which he deliberately did not meet. So we saw two boxers fought several pounds apart. It was Welterwright Mayweather vs Junior Welterweight Marquez.

      • The Weight Had Nothing To Do With It…Mayweather Was Simply Faster, Bigger, Longer Reach & Better Defense….If They Had A Rematch, Nothing Would Change That…& Marquez Knows It Which Is Why He Said He Had Absolutely No Interest In A Rematch After That Fight & Why He Still Had Absolutely No Interest In A Rematch After He Knocked Out Pacquiao……

        Marquez Said He’s Been Cheated 6 Times In His Career….He Has 7 Losses…Guess Which One He Left Out? Haha

    • WHO is the first boxer in the history of boxing to demand Olympic Style Drug Testing (OSDT) and WHY?…Brave fighters in the past and present fight whoever is put in front of them..When Manny Paquiao began demolishing bigger fighters such as Hatton, Dela hoya. Cotto, Mosley and Margarito, Floyd Mayweather and his father could not believe it. They are scared Manny Pacquiao is on something.Even after Manny has two consecutive losses the Mayweathers are still not convinced Manny is clean.There will never be no MEGA fight…

      • Christian Ramirez

        Mosley, Ortiz, Cotto, Guerrero, and Alvarez had no problem taking the test, and if you actually look back on what Floyd has said in the past, Floyd has been wanting better testing since before the De La Hoya fight, you know before 2007. You know how ridiculous it sounds that Floyd is being criticized for wanting more rigorous testing? Floyd wants a fair fight? HOW DARE HE!

      • Well He Must’ve Been Right About Something Because Manny Hasn’t Knocked Out Or Stopped An Opponent Since 2009…When The Accusations Begin…& He Seems To Have No Prob With Taking A Very Similar Test For The Brandon Rios Fight After He Got Knocked Out Now Does He?

        He Didn’t Care Bout The Testing So He Claimed…Then Marquez Knocked His Ass Out & All Of A Sudden, He’s On Roids & Using PEDs But Wait…They Didn’t Demand OSDT’s…They Simply Used Urinalysis & Scheduled Tests…So All He Could Say Is “Marquez Was On Something” But The Tests Came Back Clean So He Couldn’t Prove It…Ahaha..With The OSDT’s, NOBODY CAN MAKE ANY ACCUSATIONS That U’re On PEDs…Well They Can & They May Be Right Depending On Which Governing Body Does The Test…But They Can’t Say Shih About It….Pacquiao Is Willing To Take The Test In CHINA…But Not The U.S…

        Bob Arum Claims They’re Bias Against Foreigners…Yet Nonito Donaire Voluntarily Tests All Year Long & Hasn’t Tested Dirty For Anything Yet….& He’s Been Doing It For Years…Ahaha..IJS


  • Nelson Bonifacio

    Starve Floyd in ppv income to force him look in the direction of Pacquiao. We can do it boxing fans. Just starve him in any ppv fights.

    • Sophie Santos

      FEAR overpowers physiological need Mr. Nelson. This FIGHT will never happen.

    • So I’m Gone Starve The Guy That Fought The #1 Ranked Jr. Middleweight In The World, A MANDATORY Title Challenger, The WBA Jr. Middleweight Champion That Knocked Out & Stopped All Of His Opponents @ That Weight & The WBC Welterweight Champion…But I Should Support The Guy That’s Fighting A Brain Damaged Jr. Welterweight Brawler Moving Up To Welterweight For The 1st Time & His 1st PPV (Rios), A 40 Year Old Moving Back Up To Welterweight That Knocked Him Out (Marquez), A Jr. Welterweight That Beat A 40 Year Old Jr. Welterweight To Earn His Shot & 1st PPV As Well Against Pacquiao (Rios) Even Though Is Promoter Told In 2011 That He Had Cherrypicked All Of Those Guys For His Main Prizefighter (Pacquiao) To Fight?

      No Thanks, Wimp…U Can Support That BS By Yourself…Haha…Get Ready For Pacquiao vs. Bradley/Marquez/Provodnikov Next….We All Know How Arum Recycles Fights Amongst His Fighters & Swaps Them Around Then Sells That BS To The Public…

    • Good tactic. There have been rumours about a possible charity fight in aid of the Phillippines super storm. I can’t see Mayweather actually dedicating a fight and all the revenue that comes with it to a charity though. If Mayweather is as greedy as he seems then he will snap the bait and go for the Pacquiao fight knowing how popular and successful it would be. But, is more money on his heap of cash worth the risk of losing his title?

  • Rommel Zaview

    I really hope Floyd could find his pair of balls and fight Manny stop the ducking tactics.

    • Mucho macho man

      So that I understand you better. Are you trying to say that Mayweather is ‘ducking’ a fighter who’s coming off of two straight losses and one brutal knockout that left him facedown on the canvas. Please explain how Pacquiao is this boogeyman that Mayweather’s afraid to fight.

      • Rodney Sarmiento

        where have you been mucho macho man? are you sleeping? are you blind that you couldn’t see the reality that your idol is ducking the pacman? last time i checked only the cut-off of the drug testing was the alibi of your coward idol… now what??? changed to 40m w/o ppv… bob arum… have to avenge losses, and lastly have to sign first to tmt promotions… and not only that after signing to tmt prom… he will still see first what will happen… no assurance at all that he will fight the pacman… afraid indeed… lol…

        • So When Mayweather Said He Booked The May 5th, 2012 Date & Offered Manny All That Money, What Was The Excuse?

          1) Pac Has A Cut That Won’t Heal Until April
          2) Pac Has Elections To Worry About So The Fight Needs To Be Pushed Back To June
          3) Bob Arum Claims He’ll Pay Mayweather’s Legal Fees (Even Though He Still Owes Him Money) To Try To Get The Judge To Postpone His Sentence (That Had Already Been Postponed)
          4) Bob Arum Needs To Build A Stadium That Won’t Be Ready Until June
          5) Bob Arum Needs Until @ Least June To Promote The Fight Correctly
          6) Pacquaio Claims He’ll Accept Smaller Cut To Make Fight Happen / Bob Arum Says He’ll Accept Nothing Less Than 50/50
          7) Pacquiao Claims He’ll Do Drug Tests / Bob Arum Asks Who Will Conduct Drug Tests & What Timeframe It Will Be Done In

          The Truth Of It All

          In 2011, About A Week Before The Pacquiao-Marquez 3 Fight…Bob Arum Tells U Retarded Ass Pac Fans That He Doesn’t Need Mayweather & Has A List Of All Of Manny’s Opponents Up Until He Retires Which Didn’t Include Mayweather…That List Was

          A) Marquez – Done
          B) Tim Bradley – Done With Rematch Possibly Soon
          C) Cotto – Refused Smaller Purse For Fight & 147 Weight Limit
          D) Mike Jones – Got Knocked The Fuck Out By Bailey Last Year & Hasn’t Had A Fight Since Because Bob Arum Can’t Sell That Shit To The Public…Haha
          E) Brandon Rios – Fights This Weekend…

          This Was 2011 When Bob Arum Told U Dumb Asses This & Yet U Still Think Mayweather’s Ducking Pacquiao? I Don’t Remember Mayweather Saying He Planned To Fight Any Of His Opponents Years B4 He Actually Did Nor Was Any Of His Opponents Coming Off Losses & They Were All Champions Or Mandatory Challengers For The Most Part…

          So U Talking About The Drug Testing Cutoff Date…Pacquiao Never Signed Any Contracts Agreeing To Take Them…Oh Because He SAID He Would That Was Good Enough For U Casual Fans Huh? Ahaha…He & Arum Also Claimed They’d Agreed To All Terms In 2010 As Well Didn’t They? Only For Pacquiao’s OWN ADVISOR Michael Koncz To Reveal The Truth That They Never Agreed To Random Testing But IN Fact Only Agreed To A 2-Week Cutoff Date…

          Didn’t Tim Bradley Request The Same OSDT’s That Mayweather Takes For His Fights For His Marquez Fight? Yet Bob Arum Refused To Give It To Him & Did Everything In His Power To Avoid Them…He Claimed He’d Pay The NSAC Extra To Do A Test That Was Just As Effective..That Was A Lie…

          Now Why Has Nonito Donaire Been Testing With VADA For Years & It’s Been No Problem But When It Came Down To Pacquiao, Bob Arum Always Had A Prob? Haha

          So The Promoter Who’s Paid Off Officials & Judges, Supported Fighters Caught Using PEDs & Banned Substances, Admitted It In A Federal Court That He’s Paid Off Organizations/Officials/Judges & That Is Notoriously Known For Quote Of “Yesterday I Was Lying, Today I’m Telling The Truth”…Is The Guy That U Assholes Believe? Ahahaha…Good Luck With That…

          & Logically Pacquiao Would Have To Avenge His Losses…When The $40M Offer Was On The Table, He Hadn’t Lost To Tim Bradley Or Got Knocked Out By Marquez….

          Bob Arum Doesn’t Work With Golden Boy Or Mayweather Promotions So Logically Pacquiao Would Need To Go To Another Company To Get The Fight…He Thought About Doing…That’s When He Ended Up Losing To Tim Bradley…Ahaha..IJS…We All Know What Happens When U Cross Bob Arum….

          Pacquiao Was Quick To Sign That Extension With Top Rank Though Wasn’t He? Even Though He Saw How Easily Cotto Got His Fight With Mayweather After He Briefly Left Top Rank, Pac Decided He Needed Arum & Didn’t Want A Mayweather Fight…That’s How I Saw It…Why The Hell Else Would He Sign Back With Top Rank Without Any Guarantees If He Wanted The Fight? He’s Not Signed Exclusively To HBO…But Bob Arum Plans To Keep All Their Fights On There Regardless So Pacquiao Fucked Himself Out Of A Mayweather Fight…HE DUCKED Mayweather…Plain & Simple….

      • Rommel Zaview

        since you’re an idiot I will explain to you first off were not talking the present Pacquiao. in 2009 when Pac destroying his opponent like hatton and cotto your BOY was afraid to my GUY even his stupid father said he will not allow his coward daughter to face Pac Floyd only beats Pacquiao in his mouth but he had no balls to prove it. even now he can’t mention Manny’s name he’s still terrified of course you don’t see that cos your a moron.

        • Mucho macho man

          You’re one illiterate bafoon you know that. If you’re gonna talk boxing at least learn how to communicate. Now that’s out of the way, how’s it feel knowing your hero is going to get knocked the hell out by Brandon Rios, just like Marquez did. Haha! pac’s a washed up bum!!

          • Rommel Zaview

            Washed up bum really? I know your ass nowhere to be found if Pac destroys your boy Rios. speaking of Hulkpee Marquez
            without his cheater wetback conditioning coach I don’t think peeds marquez won’t be able to ko cold Pac that’s for sure
            look at what happen to marquez when he’s off the peeds Timmy schooled him hahahahh…. Pac was just beating your boy until the superpiss punch finally caught up many, but everybody is suspicious unless your a wetback. hahahah

          • Chloe Wynne


      • As said above, Pacquiao is the only real contender who could now wipe Mayweather’s ‘unbeaten’ record. Yes, he had a few losses, but he proved in the Rios fight that he is one of the best out there – and even shared a title with Mayweather at one point. If Floyd doesn’t react soon it is clear to see that he is ducking Pacquiao. No one else in the boxing world offers such a threat to his title as Manny.
        Then again, with Pacquiao’s avoidance and excuses he may be ducking Mayweather. But who has more to lose? Mayweather. So, who is it ultimately down to for this fight to happen? Mayweather. Pacquiao doesn’t have an unbeaten record, what does he care about entering the ring with Mayweather (in terms of his status as it is)? It is all on Floyd’s shoulders.

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