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What’s new in your SU?

If you’re living on campus this year, the Students’ Union (SU) is going to be a big part of your life, and even if you’re not, you’ll surely be nipping to the Terrace Bar every now and then. The SU has added a few different things to the agenda this year and whether you’re a fresher or a returner, here’s the low-down on what to expect over the coming year.

Freshers events

The SU has refreshed the first fortnight’s line-up by replacing last year’s UniTrash event with an MTV welcome party, and opting for acts such as Jaguar Skills and B. Traits, who will surely be better crowd-pleasers than “no-show” Wiley.
The ever-popular Paint Party, Hall Wars and Crash are back, and of course the Freshers Party 2013 is one to watch out for, with the exciting theme of Viva Las Vegas. The SU has promised outrageousness, flamboyance and casino gambling… And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You have been warned.

SU events

Sorry SU, but you have already made two soul-crushing mistakes for 2013-14.
Not only have you got rid of the (in)famous Top Banana event, but you have replaced it with so-called ‘cutting-edge’ house and electronic music in the form of a new event called Drop. Well, the music appears to be so cutting-edge that I haven’t even heard of “Hannah Wants” and “xxxy”. However, I will try to reserve judgement until I have tried the event.
The second mistake: POP! has been raised to a shocking £4 per ticket. What happened there? Does the SU not want me to spend that extra pound on (half) a pint of purple? That may have been a smart move in terms of finances, as the event is popular with sport societies who probably won’t mind paying the extra, but still, it won’t look pretty in my bank account.
On a more positive note, Skool Dayz, an event popular even with third-year students and postgrads, should continue to satisfy the masses. And Room 2 of the Copper Rooms has been refurbished, which is a bonus.

Food outlets

Get excited because the Dirty Duck, our favourite (and only) pub on campus has also been refurbished with better seating and a new sound system, as many have requested. Popular nights including Quackstar Karaoke and the Cleverducks Pub Quiz are back and will be re-launched by the SU.
Also, the vintage tea-shop on campus Curiositea is launching Coffee House Sessions, where up-and-coming artists will be performing acoustic sets in an intimate setting. 40 universities across the UK are taking part in the project, which has been created by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens in collaboration with the country’s top talent agencies.


Looking to earn a bit of extra cash to fund your POP!-habit? There are a fair few jobs still up for grabs at the SU. You have until Monday 30 September to apply for the Union steward position, which requires you to provide information to members and guests, and be customer-friendly and professional whilst maintaining health and safety. To become a member of the street team, which involves distribution of promotional materials and helping with departmental activities and market stalls, you need to apply by Tuesday 1 October.
You can apply for a position working on the bars of the Copper Rooms or the Terrace Bar too by Thursday 3 October, providing you have previous bar work experience. How to apply for these jobs is explained on the SU website. Also, to make our lives that tiny bit easier, the SU has recruited an Education Policy Manager, who is going to focus on academic representation, which is a current concern for many students. There is a new Web Design Assistant too, who will be maintaining and developing the society pages.
Watch this space to see what else the SU comes up with over 2013-14. No doubt the changes will please some and displease others – pick up the Boar every fortnight to discover the latest in student opinion on campus!

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