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Students in shock as man collapses on U1

Warwick students were left devastated and shocked on Halloween after a man suffered a suspected stroke on the U1.

A student at the University of Warwick, who wishes to remain anonymous, witnessed the incident and described it as “terrifying”.

The bus got to the stop outside the Town Hall on the parade in Leamington Spa at approximately 11.25am before a member of the public informed the bus driver that a man, thought to be about 65 years old, was not moving.

“He was slumped in his seat and completely limp – it was really scary. I looked at him and just knew it was not good,” the eye-witness said.

“The bus driver couldn’t get a response out of him and so somebody called an ambulance.

“It took three or students and the driver to get him onto the floor – he was a big guy.

“The driver who was waiting to take over on the bus came on, and luckily he knew CPR, so he attended to him before the paramedics came.

“It was a real shock. I was just rooted to the ground, I couldn’t move or speak. I feel so bad now because I feel like I could have done more – really, I wish I had First Aid training at a time like this – but it was the worst shock.

“My first instinct was that he was dead. I did see his eyes open and then roll backwards, but that could just have been a reflex of the brain.

“The paramedics came within three minutes but it felt like so much longer than that.”

The eye-witness said that students and members of the public on the top deck of the bus were unaware of the incident, but that those on the lower deck who witnessed it were highly distressed.

It is not known if the man survived the incident, and Stagecoach were not available when contacted for comment.

More to follow.


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