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Freshers’ round-up

Freshers’ Fortnight was off to a flying start as thousands of first years poured into Warwick ready to start their university experience.

The Students’ Union (SU) organised a range of events for new students which kicked off with the MTV Welcome Parties.

The fortnight also saw a performance from DJ Jaguar Skills, the rock-metal night Crash and the return of cheesy tunes in Pop!

Laura Sparks, a first-year Engineering student, told the Boar about her experiences of Arrivals Weekend.
“The first two nights were the funniest because everyone was getting nervously drunk.”

However, she also added that the drinks at the Copper Rooms were so expensive that it put her and her flatmates off going back to many more events.

Some students complained about the boisterous nature of the crowd in Monday’s Paint Party in the Copper Rooms.
However, first-year History student, Lizzy Denny, was more positive: “I came home with bruises and a nose bleed, but it was still a good night!”

Others didn’t manage to snap up tickets in time for the events.

Ben Kercher said: “I couldn’t even go out on campus on my birthday because tickets were sold out.”

The sports, societies and volunteering fairs this fortnight also gave students the opportunity to immerse themselves in university life.

Some of the most obscure societies such as the Hummus society, Skydiving society and the Cheese and Chocolate society made an appearance, hoping to attract new members.

There have also been reports of a mysterious Power Ranger paying visit to various kitchens on campus. The identity of this sociable vigilante has not yet been confirmed.

Although the excitement of Freshers’ Fortnight has subsided, first-year MORSE student Nishil Bathia had some words of advice for all new students.

She said: “It’s not the places you go, or the things you do, but the people you’re with that makes all the difference.”

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