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Debating Union hosts talks with renowned speakers

The Warwick Debating Union will be hosting a series of talks in Term 1 which will include nationally renowned speakers.

The Warwick Debating Union aims to expose Warwick students to important issues affecting the student community.

At their first debate in Term 1, there will be an MP, a Senior Professor, the Chair of Menas Associates who served at the FCO for 26 years and the Middle East Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute who is often on the BBC and Sky News.

The Union’s first debate will be held at 6.30-9pm 7 October in IMC.02. The motion for the house will be: This House Believes That the Arab Spring Has Caused More Harm than Good.

Chair of the Union Louise Forsyth said: “We have a fantastic panel lined up, and it promises to be a good event!

“The idea of the Union is to host external speakers for the student population to see. We’re quite unique in that we provide the opportunity to see nationally renowned speakers for absolutely free. The Union is normally the first place students get to see and hear speakers of such quality! I know it was the first place for me!”

The union has promised there will be a wide range of topics on offer this year. Although commencing with politics, later debates will consider religion, feminism, the environment.

Louise remarked: “Last year our debates were on politics, economics, animal rights and education. We think it’s very important to have a wide range of topics so that the Union appeals to lots of students – not everyone is interested in politics, so we want to make sure that we are able to provide a debate that people will be interested in!”

The Q&A session allows the students to interact with the speakers, and there is a chance to directly challenge them on their views, it’s not every day that you get to tell someone who’s been on the BBC that you think they’re wrong, and to have them respond to you face to face.

There will be two other debates in Term 1 which will be announced in due course.

More details of the events can be found on their Facebook page or website.

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