Nana’s Palace Mooves Venues

The popular club night Nana’s Palace has moved venues to LAMP (Leamington Live Arts and Music Project), a self-proclaimed “cultural hub” on the Riverside in South Leamington.

Formerly at Moo Bar, Nana’s Palace will continue to run on Wednesday nights, and hopes to host other events alongside its usual club night.

Nana’s Palace organisers spoke exclusively to the Boar, saying they were extremely happy with the move: “We’re delighted to be moving to LAMP, the venue looks great and somewhere the vibe of Nana’s will go down a treat. Laid back, smiles all round and plenty of foot shuffles.”

The indie club night stressed the importance of LAMP as a community environment: “They run as a collective so they seek to reinvest as much as possible back into the venue, which we think is a great idea and one we really want to get behind. Not only will we continue to be raising money for charity but we’re hoping that LAMP will also be able to benefit as a result.”

“The venue is committed to offering lots of varied nights and activities for the community, they’ve got loads of opportunities for people to come and learn new things, try new things, and dance to new things.”

The move came after a high-profile campaign run by Warwick Anti-Sexism Society against the “sexist, racist, and violent” wallpaper displayed at Moo Bar, picked up on by national press such as the Huffington Post and the Independent.

Nana’s Palace organisers, however, spoke to the Boar and said there were many reasons for their move, and that the wallpaper was not the only cause.

“The venue looks grand and throws up all kinds of new possibilities. The whole point of Nana’s from the off was to spread good vibes and have good music, we feel that a move to LAMP can help continue this mission!”

They also expressed wishes to extend the events offered by Nana’s Palace, in line with the community vibe of the venue.

“We’re going to be shaking things up with Nana’s and will be having film screenings, live projections back again, live bands, MC’s, spoken word and even live instruments accompany some DJ sets.”

“[LAMP] has a roomier dance floor and also the capacity to really easily have bands play, slam poetry performed and, as demonstrated last Wednesday, there’s a capacity to have some really great film screenings on there.”

Warwick Anti-Sexist Society, who founded and ran the campaign to have Moo Bar’s wallpaper removed, told the Boar: “WASS understands that the wallpaper was a factor in Nana’s Palace moving from Moo, and we are just happy that there are other students who feel the same way as us about the refurbishment.”

“We’re also fully supportive of their move to the community venue LAMP. Some of us went to the re-launch and it was absolutely brilliant. The same positive atmosphere, crackin’ music, and no sexual objectification in sight!”

“We have not heard anything at all from Moo, but we’re still hopeful that we can open up a conversation with them, especially if more students vote with their feet and do not go to Moo.”

However, Nana’s Palace, which has regularly boasted full capacity in the past, came up against problems last Wednesday 24 May, when it posted a message on its Facebook event alerting prospective clubbers of a cancellation of their late night licence by Leamington Council.

They said of the cancellation: “We regret to tell you that at 5pm today Leamington Council withdrew tonight’s Temporary Events Licence. It means that, very sadly, music tonight will have to end at 11.30, drinks at 11, and the night at 12.”

Speaking to the Boar, Nana’s Palace said: “as it’s a new venue for us, and Nana’s is a new night for them, there are going to be some teething problems, but these are things we’re ironing out.”

“As for last Wednesday, the T.E.N. was withdrawn simply because someone at the council was too slow in finishing their paper work. LAMP applied well in advance for a mid-week late license, and have had all their previous ones approved no problem.”

“For some reason it didn’t go through, and sometimes these things just happen. What should be made clear is that LAMP did everything right, and they applied very early for the license. They should also be credited a lot as they did all that they could to persuade the council to let the night go on, but it was too late.”

“Furthermore, there’s nothing we could have done either, the council made the call and we have to live with it. People will see that as our fault, or the venues, but it isn’t- we were set to go on till 1, with music and drinks going on right till the end.”

Attendees of the night still reported full capacity, and the organisers assured the Boar they were working to resolve the issue. “We went ahead anyway because we felt it was important to do one in the new venue and to allow for everyone who wanted to, to come check out the new place, and those that did do that still managed to pack the place out!”

Nana’s Palace-goer Anthony Paraskevas, a Law and Business undergraduate finalist, said of the move: “I honestly think that the move to LAMP could be good news for Nana’s. It’ll give them the freedom to integrate new aspects into the night and will show that Nana’s success isn’t at all dependent on Moo Bar (yet some may disagree…).”

“The unique thing about Nana’s is that people don’t go for the venue or the cheap drinks, but instead for the music and good vibes which are always present. As long as these two things are still intact, I think Nana’s will continue to be one of the leading student-run nights in Leamington Spa.”

The organisers have said of the late night licence problems: “Those that want to, will still come- they’re people who love the music, the night and whole vibe and will allow for a couple of hitches with the first night in a new venue- these things just happen. Those who are put off will soon stop coming, and that’s fine too.”

“The first [Nana’ Palace nights] in Moo bar had hiccups and problems and I think people forget this.”

Nana’s Palace, renowned for its indie vibes, exclusively told the Boar: “The night began as a night about music, about coming along and listening to music you may never have heard before but still want to dance to. It was always about this.”

“We slightly lost our way last term, the night began to change and move away from this original desire. Some people liked what it was becoming and others didn’t, it’s always hard to know.”

There were some complaints from students who expressed disappointment at the new venue.

A student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “the first night at LAMP was a bit disappointing. It was really hot, and the queue for the bar took over half an hour.”

The organisers responded by reassuring clubbers they were solving the problem, “the next Nana’s we do properly will not have these problems, we’ve learned from the short comings of the last one and will be looking to improve.”

“We’ll have a second bar so the queues will be halved between the two, we’re also hoping to donate some money to LAMP in order for them to complete their plans of installing Air Conditioning, which should keep things cool.”

Nana’s Palace will be hosting their second club night at their new venue LAMP on Wednesday of Week 3.


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