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Smashing fashion: the latest trends

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Here at Warwick, we like to think of ourselves as an intellectual bunch. After all, our university is currently ranked as fifth best in the UK, and we are presently the number one target for graduate employers. However, that’s not to say we’re not a fashionable lot either; many of us are intelligent enough to know the power of dressing to impress. And indeed, research shows that it pays to be fashion savvy, as well-presented people enjoy greater job success, higher salaries and are considered to be more physically attractive by others. Bearing this in mind, I turn your attention to the trends that are gracing the catwalks this spring. Listen carefully, act accordingly, and be prepared to reap the benefits.

Monochrome Madness

Black and white is officially in, and can be doubled together in a myriad of ways, from colour blocking to chic checkerboard styles. This trend excels in versatility and wear-ability, as it can be put together at any budget, for any situation. Job interview? Check. Night out? Check. Casual seminar chic? Check.

Oriental Prints

Asian-inspired collections are bang on trend this season, with hints of Hanoi, Beijing and Tokyo. Channel your inner exotic goddess by donning fire dragon, lotus flower and hibiscus motifs print pieces, and perfect your oriental look with a slick of liquid eyeliner and rouged lips.

Stripe Central

Again, a versatile and easy trend to pull off; you can go with black and white stripes (in line with the monochrome trend), navy and white stripes for nautical style (which, let’s face it, will always be on trend in the summer too), or red and black stripes of alternating thicknesses to push the boundaries… whatever mood you’re in. One tip though: make sure the stripes are vertical, to create the illusion of (or emphasize) a slim physique. Horizontal stripes widen the appearance of your torso, so are only a good idea if you want to appear broader.

Peekaboo Pieces

Both sexy and stylish, cutout pieces, midriff-baring separates and daring splits are everywhere this spring. Unsure about exposing your waist or flashing your cleavage? Fear not, the beauty of this trend is that there’s an option for every body shape, and level of modesty.

Colour Crazy

Monochrome might be huge this spring, but that’s not to say we’ll be living in a world of black and white. Bright colours are back, replacing the traditional ‘pastels’ that seem to take over the shops in springtime. Think ravishing reds, plush purples and bright blues, and don’t be afraid to colour clash. Brighten up dreary, rainy days with rich shades that you’ll shine in.

Ravishing Ruffles

The peplum proved so successful that fashion designers decided to take ruffles a step further and create collections with ruffles and frills fluttering about the neckline, waist and cuffs. Make a statement with dramatic, big ruffles, or adopt a more subtle, feminine look with soft, slight ruffles – the choice is up to you.

Get set to welcome in the spring with some of these trends, fashionistas, and embrace the head turns you get whilst walking around campus.

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