‘Sexist, racist and violent’ wallpaper in Leam club angers students

Warwick Anti-Sexism Society is urging students to sign a petition demanding the Moo Bar change their new wallpaper.

The Leamington club, which hosts popular student nights such as Nana’s Palace and Jackers’ Delight, has come under fire for wallpaper which the group claims is, ‘sexist, racist and violent’.

At the time of writing the petition has more than 600 signatories.

Moo Bar’s new wallpaper is partially comprised of fake adverts for prostitutes. Amongst those listed are a ‘black runaway slave girl seek[ing] a plantation master’ and a ‘busty Indian schoolgirl’.

Many of the adverts are accompanied by depictions of naked women.

In the petition’s description, the group claimed that the wallpaper might increase concerns of sexual assault amongst female patrons and ‘remind women of their unequal place in society.’

Organiser of the petition, Sophie Rees said, “Many people will have been to Moo and not even noticed the wallpaper or thought nothing of it. We think it’s crucial to get students engaged with and thinking critically about these issues.”

A representative from Moo Bar was unavailable to comment.

The group will be discussing the issue due at their weekly meeting tomorrow in MR6 at 6pm. They are encouraging anyone interested to attend.

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