Lib leader’s a squib

**Sometimes life is hard. It sometimes makes you wish you were anybody else. However, at times like this, you should be comforted by one single fact: you are not Nick Clegg. Now, Nick, if you’re reading this, I apologise, but you must admit it’s true. No one wants to be you right now.**

I listened to Clegg the other day as he was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 (other radio stations were available), and the man seemed on the verge of tears as he was quizzed on the recent scandal surrounding Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard. The furore surrounding the peer, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment by women within the party, has contributed to what I’m sure have been a few restless nights for the Deputy Prime Minister.

That and the fact that some news sources are reporting that the Lib Dems are in for quite the shock at the 2015 elections, with the possibility that, if things stay as they are in terms of public opinion, the Lib Dems could have as few as 18 MPs at the next election. This would hardly leave them in a strong bargaining position when it comes to the next election.

Clegg has also been harangued over the claims that he employs 15 special political advisors (SPADs), some allegedly just to spy on their coalition partners, the Conservatives. Despite the brief respite after Clegg’s victory in the Eastleigh by-election, it’s a very tough time to be the Deputy Prime Minister.

{{ quote Clegg has become a symbol of mockery and weakness within the coalition. }}

Does anyone have any sympathy though? Clegg has become a symbol of mockery and weakness within the coalition. The promises that Clegg’s party have broken since they entered government, such as those on tuition fees, have turned public opinion against him. Once a fresh new face for the Liberal Democrats’ success, he has now set the party on a rather steep and slippery slope. So what does the party do?

I’m not really sure what they can do, to be honest. Do they cling to some remnants of power while they can? Or do they distance themselves, ditch Cleggy, and try to rebrand? It’s a conundrum that reminds you that life is sometimes hard, but sometimes, just sometimes, you’re Nick Clegg.


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