Pint of Purple: Rebecca Myers

**What book are you reading at the moment?**

Between my four novels a week course (yes, I’m playing the martyr!) I’m trying to read _Starter for Ten_, which is hilarious – a great witty dissection of life at a Russell Group Uni. I’m also reading _Nine Parts of Desire_, a non-fiction tale about a woman who wore the veil to obtain interviews with Muslim women in the Middle East, to find out more about how they live. It’s a real insight.

**Who is your favourite literary character?**

Pippi Longstocking, by far! Hermione Granger made me feel okay about being a massive nerd at school, but it was Pippi who reminded me I could beat up the boys if I wanted to. True heroine.

**What is the first book you remember reading?**

My dad and I read We’re all _Going on a Bear Hunt_ together a LOT when I was younger. There are some amazing bits you can join in at (you know that bridge? You have to go OVER it…).

**What is your all-time favourite book?**

I absolutely love Martin Amis. He blows my mind with every novel of his I read. But he’s a social critic and pretty cynical, so of all time maybe William Boyd’s _Any Human Heart_. No-one has ever encapsulated life better in a novel. Anna Karenina comes up as top masterpiece too.

**If you wrote an autobiography, what would be the title?**

I wish it was something cool like ‘If I Told You That I’d Have To Kill You’ (the life of Rebecca Myers), but it would probably be more like ‘Feminist with an afro seeks tea and pen, for long lasting, loving ménage-a-trois’. Not very snappy.

**Kindle vs. Book?**

Book, hands-down. I’ve got a kindle, and I called it Moriarty (after Dean, from _On the Road_). I still can’t love it like I love my books.

**How much is a pint of purple?**

Oh god. £2.50? Maybe less? If its more I’m struggling to justify why we all buy so much of it… Perhaps this shows I spend more time with my books than my social life?!


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