Christmas in Chelsea

It’s hard to know what was a better start to this years festivities, Francis FINALLY getting the girl or Miss (S)Mackintosh FINALLY ruffling up Spencer’s finely coiffed hair. Although initially sceptical about how much the Made in Chelsea producers could really fit into one season finale, boy oh boy did they deliver.

Since the finale was aired on Christmas Eve the ‘twittersphere’ has erupted with discussion and commentary of this particular episode. Delight (and lots of Christmas cooing) over Francis and Sophia’s kiss has been almost unanimous both on twitter and with all Made in Chelsea enthusiasts. After weeks of watching Francis’ heartache and Sophia’s uncertainty, the viewers were rewarded with a Christmas- themed happy ending. But what is it about this couple that had everyone so charmed? To start, Francis’ entrance to whisk Sophia off her feet was like something out of an old romantic movie, complete with a boat, snow, sparkle and the classic “don’t speak” line – swiftly followed by a kiss. But perhaps more than this, it was a romance that had Francis Boulle at its centre. As one of the only members of the cast whose reputation has been characterised by charm, humour and a sweet nature; Francis sharing a first kiss with his girl was a perfect climax to the season, putting us all in a warm, romantic mood for the holidays.

Occurring simultaneously, with similar melodrama was Gabriella’s exit from the show. Leaving with a simple yet tearful goodbye, Gabriella drove off in a taxi with a one-way ticket in hand. Although it doesn’t impact very greatly on the main plots of MIC, it does mark the end to the recent confusion over her relationship with Ollie. In doing so we are left wondering what is next for Ollie in the New Year, will there be more romances? Will we get a replacement resident singer now that Caggie and Gabriella are MIC cast no more? And of course, we are left wondering will she reappear in later series’.

However, what possibly stole the show from the Christmas magic of Sophia and Francis was, of course, the scandal surrounding Spencer. As many viewers will attest to, for many weeks it has seemed that Louise’s role on MIC was exclusively as “the cry-er”, and indeed on Christmas Eve we were not disappointed. As the tears started to flow the drama seemed to escalate. Due to the sneak preview advertised, anticipation for Millie’s forceful smack was intense; indeed it did seem to be the highlight of all the drama of the episode. However satisfying it was to witness (and hear, very very loudly) Millie’s hand slam against Spencer’s face, I wonder whether the drama of the event was undermined by the ambiguity as to whether or not the crime for which she was punishing him was committed. Despite fervently denying accusations of infidelity, with such powerful line’s as “I’m sorry if I’ve behaved out of hand, but I’m not the one that’s behaved out of hand” and many contrary suspicions, the viewers were not given an incontrovertible answer as to what the truth behind all of this anguish was. For me, I am left wanting more. It is the confrontation between Louise and Spencer that I will look forward to next season; let’s just hope that if the allegations are indeed true, Louise has an equally powerful backhand.

Yes, between the teddy bears, violence, champagne and farewell’s the MIC Christmas finale was all we hoped for and set up what promises to be very eventful and compelling T.V. viewing for 2013.


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