Shades sex club in public backlash

**Shades’ Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence (SEV) is beginning to face a backlash, spearheaded by dissent amongst local councillors over the decision.**

A vote at Warwick District Council on October 24 has recommended that local residents be consulted over Shades’ SEV licence pending any action to withdraw it.

The motion, which was proposed by Labour councillor Alan Wilkinson, was unanimously approved with cross-party support.

Mr Wilkinson said: “We, as councillors, owe it to ourselves to take a step back and look again at these issues with fresh eyes and open eyes.

“I believe that sexual entertainment venues have no place within our boundaries. I am asking for consultation with the relevant parties on this.

“I believe that the people if Warwick district can be trusted to give us guidance on this.”

This appears to be the first step in a much longer process of challenging the allegedly contradictory licensing decision this August.

Chris White, MP for Warwick and Leamington, is highly supportive of the move.

He told the _Boar_: “I think it’s a very good idea. With the unanimous support of the district councillors, it’s a good step forward. It’s great to really get a thorough understanding of local residents’ views and ask them how they want their community shaped.”

Even if the consultations reveal strong public discontent, it will likely not result in a swift revocation of Shades’ licence. However, Chris White suggests that it is not an avenue which would go ignored.

“We have to try and live in the pragmatic and real,” said Mr White. “We’ve got to a place where the committee has made a decision and to overturn it is very difficult”

At the time of print, Shades sex club was not available for comment.

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