Prof. still going strong at 80

**A University of Warwick physicist is still theorising about some of the most complex questions the universe poses, even as he turns 80 years old.**

Emeritus Professor George Rowlands arrived at Warwick in 1966, only one year after the University was founded, and he has dedicated his life to his research ever since.

Prof. Rowlands’ interests throughout his time at Warwick have been diverse, varying from the mathematics behind subjects like fusion energy, to hot plasma, which involves the behaviour of cosmic particles emitted from the sun.

Despite officially ‘retiring’ 13 years ago, he shows no signs of leaving his calculations behind, even after celebrating his 80th birthday on 17 November.

“Physics is my hobby as well as my job and I have no plans to give it up,” he said. “I’ve been very fortunate for the last 60 years to work in an area which I love and which still fascinates me.”

When asked about Prof. Rowlands’ contribution to the Physics Department, Prof. Julie Staunton, also a professor in the Physics Department, told the _Boar_, “George has had and continues to have a huge effect on [it].”

Prof. Staunton explained: “Recently we celebrated his 80th birthday where we enjoyed an afternoon of discussions about some of the research work that George has been involved with since he ‘retired’. “George [enthuses] people with his passion for the subject.” Regarding his on-going research, Prof. Rowlands commented, “When you’re involved in my kind of research there’s always something new to discover.

“I think it’s that constant novelty, and also the interactions I have with the younger generation of research students, which helps keep me feeling young.”

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