Where’s Wiley?

– Musician told SU that he had been in a car crash
– He then claimed he was too tired, before playing a set in London
– Called students ‘shits’

Urban music star Wiley dropped out of performing at the Copper Rooms at late notice last night, claiming on twitter that he was too tired to perform.

Earlier in the day, Wiley had [tweeted](https://twitter.com/EskiDance) that he was unable to make the gig, and that he had “some other stuff to do”, though quickly backtracked and confirmed to fans he would be attending. At around 9pm it was confirmed via text that he would not be playing, just after he was due on stage.

The SU had previously been informed that he had been in a car crash – a claim later shown to be wholly false.

> ”You know why i dont give a fuck cos i just got back from australia and i am tired so fuck all off you who are moaning.” – Wiley, on twitter

Having claimed that he was too ‘tired’ to appear at the SU as he was suffering from jetlag, Wiley later appeared at London’s Ministry of Sound nightclub, where he performed a set.

When Warwick students voiced their disappointment on Twitter, the rapper hit back. One tweet read: ‘Have some consideration you unfair pieces of shit’. Another told students to ‘Stop moaning you spoilt brats…’ He also re-tweeted a disparaging message aimed at ‘them snotty nose uptight uni c*nts’ [sic].

In a [statement](https://www.warwicksu.com/news/article/warwicksu/Warwick-SU-statement-on-last-nights-Wiley-gig/), Warwick SU apologised ‘unreservedly’ for the cancellation of the show. All ticket holders will be fully reimbursed and Freshers’ Pass holders will have these extended to three future events.

As a result of the conduct of the artist last night, the show will not be rescheduled.

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