Molly carries the torch for Warwick

This summer the country was transformed into a frenzy of Olympic fever. From Mobots, Lightning Bolts, to horrific dad-dancing courtesy of the country’s potential next Prime Minister, people of all generations have got involved in the success of London 2012, and fed off the Olympic Spirit.

However, UWWNC (Univeristy of Warwick Women’s Netball Club) were made especially proud before the Games even began this summer when they saw one of their players running in the Olympic Torch Relay, through South London. Molly Ackhurst, a first year and BUCS 3rd team player, was nominated to carry the torch from Croydon High Street to Brigstock Road on Monday 23rd July, because of her dedication to volunteering, after she spent two months helping to establish netball in South African schools.

Molly used her coaching skills to help educate local girls, and plans to help set up an HIV education program, which incorporates sport and education in schools, in the near future, starting in schools around Pietermaritzburg at first and then slowly expanding.

Speaking about her project, Molly, 20, has said, “netball is a passion of mine, so by giving township schools the opportunity to play, and running HIV awareness workshops alongside, the aim is to try and really make a impact.”

She admits, “The girls won’t listen if the information is just said to them by using netball and as the project expands, I hope to potentially use football to engage them, as I aim to be able to really educate thoroughly.”

Molly, whose netball position is goal defence, was inspired by the Africa Center to even further help increase Netball participation in Africa, which is already the most popular female sport in the country.

Molly will begin fundraising for this project when she returns to University this October, and here at the Boar we wish her all the best with her continued efforts to make a difference.

If you are interested in joining UWWNC, visit or come and see their representatives at the Sports Fair.


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