Trials Evolution

It’s rare that XBLA games create such hype before their release. Trials Evolution is one of those games, and my God does it deliver. The first one was a good laugh and consumed hours of the night as you’d try and beat your friends’ record times. A simple 2D motocross game, the objective is simply to get to from start to finish in as quick a time as possible, avoiding obstacles and trying not to crash your bike. Easier said than done.

Trials Evolution does not sway from the formula that made the original so popular; it adds to it. Not only are there new tracks, there are new challenges, character and bike customisation options, a multiplayer mode, and even a level design tool. For an XBLA game, Trials Evolution is a huge package. Hitting off with the new tracks, developers RedLynx have done a great job of making each one feel different. Although you are playing in 2D, each level has a whole environment behind it with explosions and, on occasions, whole battles taking place.

No track ever felt like a repeat of the last, and I was always eager to go on and play the next. There is also a well executed difficulty curb, with levels getting progressively harder, but never to the extent that you feel it’s impossible. The challenges are also a good addition. Making use of the game’s whacky physics, they are simply challenges that involve you firing yourself as far across the track as possible. The multiplayer also feels right at home. Whilst perhaps not the strongest part, it’s welcome nonetheless, and will keep you entertained as you race mates on the same console or over Xbox Live.

The strongest add-on has to be the level editor. Not only does it allow you to make new tracks, the tools are so creative you even have the possibility of creating new game modes, all of which can be shared with the online community, giving the game endless replay value. Whilst I can’t admit to being in any way adept at building levels, the controls are intuitive enough that you can build tracks without too much difficulty. With a strong online community, we can expect to see some interesting and original new game modes (there is already an Angry Birds-like mod).
There is too much in Trials Evolution to mention here, all I can do is strongly advise you to buy this excellent XBLA game.


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