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Among students, condoms are a cause of major agro. Condoms, Johnnies, Raincoats, French-Letters, Sheaths: boys, whatever you want to call them, 45 per cent of you complained that standard one-size-fits-all condoms didn’t fit correctly, according to TheyFit’s statistics. Joe Nelson, founder of TheyFit and self-proclaimed ‘Condom Revolutionary’, suggests that “that number actually underestimates the extent of the problem, because most men don’t realise ‘it doesn’t fit’ is even a valid complaint to have.”

Thankfully TheyFit are here to help, and are particularly interested in the student market. The ‘Condom Revolutionary’ states: “In fact, along with the gay community the student community is one of the highest risk areas for STD transmission and unwanted pregnancy. Fortunately condom use can prevent all of those issues.”

According to, “Health professionals are regularly confronted by men’s complaints that condoms do not fit, or that they are uncomfortable… an Indiana University study found that study participants who reported problems with the fit and feel of condoms were also among those who reported the highest rates of condoms breaking and slipping.” So properly fitting condoms are paramount to good sexual health, and of course enjoyment: if the condom doesn’t fit, nobody is going to enjoy themselves.

The idea is that you can measure yourself using the attached FitKit, which uses random size codes rather than explicit labels like small, medium and large. The ‘Condom Crusader’ says: “We find this layer of obfuscation makes men very comfortable ordering from us because it makes it less obvious if, for example, S17 is bigger or smaller than B11. Further, because the whole process takes place online, men are remarkably honest with us – most people’s experience of buying condoms face-to-face in a pharmacist or supermarket ranges from the embarrassing to the traumatic, so this is another reason men are so comfortable ordering from us.”

All orders arrive in plain packaging with no TheyFit logos or indications that condoms are the contents, and the credit card statement does not say TheyFit condoms either. The size codes on each packet are removable stickers which can be disposed of – other than that, all boxes/foils look identical so the only person who knows what size they are is the man himself. “A lot of thought has gone into the privacy/anonymity aspect!” the ‘Rubber Revolutionary’ adds.

The price isn’t bad either; a pack of 6 “perfectly fitting condoms” is £6.99, which if you buy an equivalent pack from, say, Durex, is about the same price. Apparently, once you try TheyFit you won’t want to use anything else: “Repeat business is very frequent… Many customers talk of using a comfortably fitting condom for the first time as ‘a revelation’ or ‘life changing’. Our pricing structure encourages men to try out their particular size code with a single pack, refine their fit based on personal preference, then order multipacks to achieve some real price savings. The typical customer does just this, and with expiry dates of 2016, many men are stocking up on the 60 condom deal which makes the cost per condom just 67p. Most men get the perfect fit first time; for the rest all that is needed is a little adjustment (which only TheyFit’s concept can offer) and we are here to offer expert fitting advice.”

All TheyFit condoms carry the CE mark, and are made in one of the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturing facilities. The condoms have been safety-tested using methods agreed to by the world’s experts, since condom are regulated medical devices and must conform to international standards.

Standards specify what a company must do to test each condom to ensure that it works properly, and must also be approved by medical regulatory bodies such as a Notified Body in the EU or the FDA in the US.

TheyFit has enjoyed increasing popularity and media attention since its launch in December, after a development period spanning nearly 15 years. The company is run by three people: Joe Nelson, his girlfriend Joanne, and Joe’s brother, Samuel. The founder, Joe, is as discreet as his company: “We don’t reveal explicit sales numbers,” the ‘Condom Crusader’ says, “but I can reveal that we sold every width and every length condom in the range of 95 sizes in the first 72 hours – the distribution of penis sizes is like most things in nature (height, weight, shoe size) and follows a normal distribution/bell-curve,” so sorry, boys, no revealing an ‘average’ at TheyFit. Which is sort of the point.

But where on earth did this idea come from? The ‘French-Letter Fitter’ reveals the thinking behind it: “We all have different sized feet, so we all wear different sized shoes. We do this to maximise comfort and the pleasure we get wearing them. TheyFit is exactly the same concept, just applied to a different part of the body (and arguably one where comfort is even more important!)” But what is even more puzzling than the project itself is the fact that the ‘Prophylactic Pioneer’ used to be a banker: “I had worked solidly at the bank since graduating (in fact, I missed my graduation ceremony as a result) and TheyFit had been a personal side project since 2006. When it came time to launch we all knew the best chance for success would be if I dedicated myself to it 100 per cent.” How did friends and family react to the drastic sideways move? “Extremely positively” is all the ‘Rubber Renovator’ would reveal.

Although the TheyFit revolution is aiming to reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections and unwanted pregnancies, it is also important to note that correct usage is a huge factor as well as fit. According to BBC News Online, Natika Halil from sexual health charity FPA said that both men and women needed to take time to learn the skills needed to put a condom on properly. Confidence and the skill of putting on a condom also contributes to how well they are used. However, Halil adds: “Men come in all shapes and sizes and so do condoms. When we talk with men on the FPA helpline about condoms tearing, slipping off or being a nuisance to use, one of the main culprits is often something as simple as not using the right size.” So these double-patent protected sheaths may be as innovative as the ‘Raincoat Refiner’ thinks they are.

As for the TheyFit founder and ‘Condom Revolutionary’, Joe Nelson? All he’s saying is: “I had problems with standard condoms before, but I’m not saying if they were too big or too small. I can say that I’m very happy now though!”

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