CMD enjoy huge success in ‘Pizazz’ dance spectacular!

Classical and Modern Dance performed in ten out of the twenty-eight dances at the annual dance spectacular ‘Pizazz’ last Sunday.

With the Spa centre buzzing with friends and family, we were surrounded by love and support. The event attracted over eighty dancers from the club this year, the largest that CMD has ever had, meaning that the excitement backstage, as well as the hard work and dedication leading up to the show, was huge.

All the dancers attended five weeks of rehearsals in class time but also extra rehearsals outside of class to perfect the dances. Everyone worked so hard to make sure that whichever dance they were in,they would give their finest performance. I cannot exaggerate the dedication of everyone who took part, giving up their time to show everyone the amazing talent that is Classical and Modern Dance.

The choreography by the teachers this year was visually and technically exquisite, telling a story for the audience. Whether it was a dramatic jazz dance about a group of girls getting kidnapped, or a calm lyrical dance about sleeping and dreaming, the audience loved it! Due to the sponsorship the club had this year we could invest in costumes and make-up, adding to the extravaganza that shows of this scale bring, with the group ballet being ‘The Black Swan’ theme.

As show and events co-ordinator I am so proud of everyone who participated as well as thankful to the many CMDers who came and supported us, even if they weren’t in the dances. I’m sure with the standing ovation that everyone got in the finale that next year will be just as big of a success.


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