General Meeting: What it means for you

Warwick Students’ Union General Meeting took place on Tuesday 29th November, and saw hundreds of students turn up to express their views on a number of proposed motions.

The meeting, which began at 7pm and ended around 11pm when quorum (the number of people in attendance for the meeting to be valid – 201) was lost, saw policies debated resulting in continuing the boycott of Bacardi, banning BAE Systems from the Union, and supporting Occupy Warwick.

The proposed motions were as follows:

– Bring Back Bacardi – not passed. (Policy 722: Boycott Bacardi – upheld with General Meeting status)

_The Union will go ahead with planned boycott of Bacardi_

– BAE and the SU – passed.

_BAE Systems is banned from sponsoring societies, sports clubs and Union activites_

– Establishment of a Postgraduate Association – passed.

_The Union is to establish a new Postgraduate Association_

– Warwick SU Against Tuition Fees – passed.

_The Union will continue to take a stand against raised tuition fees_

– Strikes on 30th November – passed.

_The Union will advertise the TUC action in Coventry_

– No Platform – not passed.

_No change in Union stance_

– Enhancing Education Quality – passed.

_Union to push for an average of 12 hours contact time, per week, per student_

– Democratic Union of Students – not passed.

_No change in Union stance_

– Increasing Freedom in Union Elections

The final motion, ‘Increasing Freedom in Union Elections’ was not discussed due to the number of people in the room falling below quorum, ending the meeting. This issue will be debated next Monday 5 December, at Union Council.

Every Warwick student could attend this meeting, and everyone could vote. All were issued with a voting card upon entering the room.

WTV, RaW and SIBE were also streaming the debate live online.

The meeting was chaired by James Entwistle, also the Chair of Union Council.

_A full article will be available as soon as possible, with extensive details of the event. For more information, see the Warwick SU website, or our Live Blog from Tuesday night._

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