Warwick companies win prestigious award

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Two companies working in conjunction with the University of Warwick have been awarded the prestigious Lord Stafford Award held at the University of Birmingham on November 17.

The Lord Stafford Award was introduced in 1997 to recognise and encourage the development of collaborative relationships between businesses and universities. Add2 and Molecular Solar were both recognised for their innovative work in their respective fields.

The partnership of Molecular Solar and Warwick University beat collaborations between Abianco Ltd and Coventry University, and Serascience Ltd and the University of Birmingham, to be announced the winner of the Innovation in Development category. This win was further compounded by the Warwick and Add2’s triumph over Tough Furniture Ltd and the University of Wolverhampton, and STS Rail Ltd and Birmingham City University in the Innovation Achieved category.

Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and JLR worked with Midlands-based Add2 in developing motor engine testing techniques which could prove to be critical in future hybrid technology in premium vehicles. Molecular Solar and Warwick Venture’s partnership was lauded for their cutting-edge work in developing ultra-thin and flexible solar panels to be used in portable chargers for portable devices such as mobile phones, in order for them to be recharged without access to a mains power supply. This will hopefully reduce carbon emissions.

Peter Moore, Commercial Director at Add2, said that he was “very happy” to have won the award, said that “it’s very difficult for innovators to get recognition.” Moore said he hoped to further develop technology which would be beneficial to future generations.

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