Morning After Brewery comes to The Dirty Duck

An awareness campaign promoting the consequences of mixing sex and alcohol is coming to the Dirty Duck today, Monday 20 June. are a charity for young people who aim to provide information, advice and support to young people in order for them to make them best possible decisions for themselves.

The Morning After Brewery campaign takeover will be in the Duck from 12pm today attempting to draw students in to talking about the issues.

They have three ales being sold in the pub this week; ‘Rampant Regrets’, ‘Naked Indiscretions’ and ‘Inebriated Infidelity’ and a wine ‘Up the Creek’, all of which are unique to Warwick.

UCL, Bristol and Manchester Universities have already been visited by’s campaign with great success including coverage from BBC Radio Manchester.

Today, the team will be in The Dirty Duck making a film of the activity and asking students for interview. They will be talking to a number of students about their reaction to the campaign.

Welfare Officer at the Students’ Union Leo Boe brought to attention the aims of the campaign to highlight “the volatile nature of mixing alcohol with sex. It’s not in any way promoting sensible drinking, it’s more about raising awareness about what could happen when you are that drunk when you decide to go home with someone or engage with sexual activities.”


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