Education Officer hospitalised while candidates’ posters defaced

Current candidate for Education Officer Sean Ruston is currently at Walsgrave hospital in Coventry undergoing treatment for appendicitis.

Ruston was taken into hospital yesterday morning after suffering considerable discomfort throughout Monday, during which he was unable to attend the morning’s candidate briefing.

He was also due to attend the Hustings on Monday lunchtime to address students and to answer questions regarding his candidacy but, due to his illness, this was postponed to Tuesday.

A statement from the Elections Group was read out at the second Hustings yesterday in the Atrium, and has now been published to the Students’ Union website.

The statement announced that: “Elections Group [has] contacted all parties involved in the election for the post of Education Officer and they are in agreement that the election be re-run at a later date.”

The only other candidate running for the role of Education Officer is Masters student Daren Maynard. He commented: “Sean is my friend first and foremost, and also my sole competitor, but it would be unfair to run an election where he can’t be here through no fault of his [own].”

Maynard is also currently running for Second University Senate Representative.

The statement also added that the “details of how and when this will run” will be disclosed after “in-depth discussion.” More details about this issue are expected to be issued next week.

Other notable developments in the elections campaign this year have included instances of candidates’ posters and banners, which are displayed across campus, being taken down or vandalised since campaigning began on Monday.

Some signs and banners have been completely removed overnight, while others have been graffitied with ‘Ron = Aslan’ and ‘Vote RON’ (re-open nominations).

Students have begun voting on the Students’ Union website for the remaining 28 officer positions available. The polls will remain open until 9pm on Friday.


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