The Cover is Blown Off!

The new single from indie-rock gods-for-most, The Strokes, ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ is as cheery, catchy and exciting sounding as the band has sounded since when _Is This It_ was first released 10 years ago. Five years in the making the single was released for free to herald their return to the music scene. With ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ it would appear after the slight misfire of _First Impressions of Earth_, the Strokes are back; as their scattered live performances had suggested, on vintage form.

Having disappeared from music for a whopping five years, I don’t know what people were expecting as a sufficient comeback from the rock giants to make up for this extensive hiatus (massive production complete with horns and trumpets, fireworks, doves flying out of the album – perhaps? But its hardly Strokes is it?), ‘Under Cover of Darkness’, rather, is possibly the best return to music that The Strokes could have achieved. It’s simple, unpretentious and true to the ‘Strokes’ sound that we know and love. Julian Casablancas’s charming vocals and captivating lyrics remind us all of just how super-talented he is, and oh, how we’ve missed those killer guitar riffs from Valensi and Hammond Jr (who ultimately inspired me, like so many to pick up a guitar over 6 years ago)

If this is just a taste of their album _Angles_, then we can expect nothing less than sublime from the rest of it. Do we dare believe this album can exceed expectations? I’ve got high hopes.

The track listing for new album ‘Angles’ has been announced as:

1. Machu Picchu

2. Under Cover of Darkness

3. Two Kinds of Happiness

4. You’re So Right

5. Taken For A Fool

6. Games

7. Call Me Back

8. Gratisfaction 

9. Metabolism
10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

‘Under Cover of Darkness’, the first single from the new album, is available for FREE download only their website for the first 48 hours, get on it!!!


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