Battle of the Bands 2011 Heat One

Kicked off by the freshly-formed _Songs for the Weekend_ who, by all means, were the dark horse of Heat One. Overcoming a shaky start, the band quickly warmed into their razor sharp, catchy, punky melodies, complemented by a clever mix of funky breakdowns and raw edgy melodies. The band’s chemistry proved infectious; they gave the impression that they were having fun – a feeling that spread to an enthusiastic crowd.

The level of musicianship was taken to greater heights by the following band, _Hoon Army_, who earned first place. The Army’s gorgeous mix of blues, rhythmic grooves and interesting tones put them instantly at the forefront. Their secret weapon was the voice of lead singer Hoon, who possesses possibly one of the best voices in the competition. His awe-inspiring, melancholic voice immediately grabs the attention of the audience and, with his seemingly innate ability to convey raw emotion, he had the audience in the palm of his hand.

The evening then took a dramatic turn as one of bandsoc’s most notable metal bands, _Apache Death Squad_, began their set. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say _ADS_ were some of the most skilful musicians of the night. The drummer sustained a violent pace throughout, which was well complemented by the driving metal riffs put forth by the two skilled guitarists. Their intricate melodies and epic breakdowns were strong enough to earn them second place and take them through to the semi-final.

_.44 Magnum_ began their set well, with melodic and upbeat introductions flooding the room. Despite a good start, the set quickly unravelled; at times it seemed as though the band just couldn’t keep up with themselves. There was a lack of leadership from the singer, who failed to take control of the group and move them in the right direction.

BOTB Heat One, was rounded off by metal band _Sacrement_, who seemed hampered by a desire to do too much in one song; they came across as disjointed, with their second song actually breaking up in parts.

Overall, Heat One really paved the way for the subsequent heats; if this heat is anything to go by BOTB 2011 is by no means an easy contest, and there is no clear winner.


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