Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

There is no question that My Chemical Romance have earned quite a reputation over the past few years. Ever since one ignorant Daily Mail journalist wrongly branded them the ‘ring leaders of an emo suicide cult’, they have been cast aside by many as a dark, depressive band; a label that couldn’t be further from the truth. If there was ever a way for My Chemical Romance to shake this false image, then latest, rollicking rock and roll album _Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys_ is the way to do it.

This album summed up is simply an explosion of colour and a breath of fresh air. This explosion of joy is triggered by lead single ‘Na Na Na’. With its enthusiastic energy and fresh sound, this track triumphantly paves the way for the brilliance which unfolds on the rest of the album. The tracks offered on _Danger Days_ are a dramatic departure from their earlier sound. Gone are the former atmospheric, melodious songs which have been replaced with a dirty, raw punk vibe that suggests the New Jersey musicians are back with something to prove.
The band are clearly looking to shed the intense and theatrical image, set by 2006’s _The Black Parade_. A task dutifully accomplished by their latest offering as the display of musicianship is overwhelmingly impressive.

Every track is literally an explosion in its own right. _Danger Days_, exudes power and drive right from the off, which never dwindles for a moment. Barely giving the listener a moment to breath, this is by all means an album without filler. Particular highlights come in the form of ‘Bulletproof Heart’ and ‘SING’. The former comprises an anthemic, beautifully melodic opening that suddenly bursts into a gritty punk riff. The latter blends a sweet, subtle melody over epic guitar chords and the track eventually unleashes itself into a vigorous, musical whirlwind of emotion. The stand out track, however, remains to be ‘Planetary (GO!)’. This song displays the band using interplay of musical dynamics to produce something superb; with the soft, sinister electronic verses being completely contrasted by the sublime, dance-infused chorus.

Although there is a consistently high level of energy in this album, the band does make way for softer ballads that are still carried out to perfection. Tracks such as second single ‘The Only Hope for Me Is You’ and ‘The Kids of Yesterday’ show the band combining sweeping techno sounds with crooning vocals to produce emotive and inspiring songs. The band’s ability to produce both raw punk anthems and beautiful melodies proves them to be one of the most versatile bands of the modern day.

It must also be noted that alongside the leap in their musical sound, My Chemical Romance have also crafted this album on a concept to reinforce the image that they have always set out to create. The album follows the story of the band’s alter-egos ‘The Killjoys’; a gang who aim to stand up and stand together against all the atrocities in the world, as well as simply having fun. The fundamental message is therefore one of unity and camaraderie. They are not asking you to join them as I suspect many of you will refuse to, but you cannot deny the strength and genius in what they do. _Danger Days_ is a statement, and a bold and individual one at that.


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