The Battle for Christmas Number 1

The exciting race for this 2010’s Christmas Number One is now well and truly underway. Ever since those Facebook scoundrels made their practical joke a reality, getting Rage Against The Machine to Christmas Number one last year, the once prestigious title has now lost much of it’s glory. However easy it would be to follow this “Scrooge” mentality, we must be reminded that surely this is simply all in the fun spirit of Christmas.

So whether you despise how Simon Cowell has abused the position of Christmas Number One for years, and would rather have just 4 and a half minutes worth of silence like one contender, or you’re sick of the countless Facebook groups campaigning for Christmas Number One, why not in the spirit of Christmas put your differences aside and join me in looking at this year’s contenders.

**The Contenders**

We can start by looking at the best singles that have just been released which have a worthy chance of reaching the number one spot:

Matt Cardle – [When We Collide](

Thanks to the Evil Genius that is Simon Cowell, the Christmas Number One cannot be mentioned without having X Factor in the same sentence. This year’s winner Matt Cardle has chosen an almost original winning song with his cover of Biffy Clyro’s ‘Many of Horror’. Being this year’s favourite for number one, Matt’s rendition of this song has the perfect balance of a cheesy Christmas feel and genuine musicianship, as Cardle’s smooth, soaring vocals and Biffy’s Clyro’s superb ability to craft a wonderful song combine in this year’s front runner.

Ellie Goulding – [Your Song](

It is undeniable that Ellie Goulding’s beautiful, mesmerising version of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ would make the most perfect Christmas Number One. Her gentle vocals are weighed perfectly against a simplistic piano melody that climaxes into an overwhelmingly stunning chorus. It is easy to say that no other song could similarly sum up such an ideal message for Christmas in the way that this does.

Michael Jackson ft. Akon – [Hold My Hand](

Conveniently released in time to rival the other Christmas number one contenders, this duet is a slow, melodic, enjoyable pop song where the two vocalists surprisingly seem to complement each other well. This track does however pale slightly in comparison to most of Jackson’s famous hits. This perhaps does not matter though as the track simply has what all good Christmas Number One’s do; a catchy sing-along melody, a duet of two famous artists and a crowd singing along. If this song was to reach Christmas Number One perhaps it would also serve as a fitting tribute to the memory of the King of Pop.

Xander Rawlins – [1000 Miles Apart](

If there was ever a truly worthy winner of this year’s Christmas Number One, the honour must go to Xander Rawlins. Rawlins, currently a soldier serving in Afghanistan, is pursuing the music career he has always dreamed of. His record is a heartfelt recognition to all his comrades and their loved ones during the difficult festive period where they are kept apart. His crooning vocals and effortless guitar accompaniment create a meaningful song reminding us all to think those serving our country whilst we are safe at home.

Rihanna & Drake – [What’s My Name?](

Being the current number one as of last Sunday, Rihanna’s latest single featuring fellow R&B star Drake has as an unfortunately good chance of reaching Christmas Number One. However, being one of Rihanna’s worst single releases, lacking in any kind of drive, energy, musicianship, vocal strength or catchy melody it would be a crime against music if this was
Christmas Number One. However it wouldn’t be the first, who can forget that poll position was taken by Bob the Builder in 2000.

Black Eyed Peas – [The Time (Dirty Bit)](

These R&B superstars have intelligently produced a modern version of ‘The Time of My Life’ from the box office hit Dirty Dancing just in time for the Christmas period. This track destined to be a club hit does not however set the world alight and actually feels too much like the group trying to make a “Christmas cash-in”.

**The Traditionals**

In the midst of these genuine contenders for Christmas Number One we also regrettably have the slew of middle-aged musicians trying to make a quick buck in this festive time by releasing their Christmas singles. But just for your benefit, here’s a few.

Coldplay – [Christmas Lights](

It is perhaps too harsh to place Coldplay in the category of ancient musicians trying to make a comeback solely in the month of December as their Christmas single, ‘Christmas Lights’ is a rich, uplifting, melodious record – what Christmas should sound like in the modern day.

Aberlour Choir ft. Gamu Nhengu – [Where Will You Sleep This Christmas?](

This record can be seen as the “Band Aid” track of 2010 as the former X Factor contestant
Gamu Nhengu has joined the Aberlour Choir and released this single for a Scottish Children’s
charity. Gamu’s impressive vocal abilities are clearly demonstrated alongside the power of the Aberlour choir. It is safe to say that in the memory of Band Aid, this song would too make an apt Christmas Number One as sales to get it there would be extremely beneficial for the charity.

The Priests ft. Shane MacGowan – [Little Drummer Boy](

One cannot deny the beauty of this track. With the brilliant blend of The Priest’s breathtaking harmonies and Shane MacGowan’s raspy vocals, this record is a classic Christmas song. Although it poses a difficult tossup between having a traditional, antique Christmas song for number one and wanting something new, exciting and memorable for the year 2010.

George Michael – [December Song 2010](

Of course the Wham! Star could not resist joining in this year’s battle for the number one spot. His endeavour for the winning position is, however, about as original as the song title suggests. If you’re going to release a Christmas song, at least make some kind of effort.

Mariah Carey – [All I Want For Christmas Is You](

Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. However, for some reason Carey seems to believe she has something to prove as not only has she re-released, but she has also re-recorded it, adding in higher, supposedly more impressive notes, to apparently prove that she can still sing. Not that anyone really doubted it. This version, she tells us, is extra festive.Sold!

**The Facebook Campaigns**

Finally, thanks to the Facebook entrepreneurs who triumphantly managed to make Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ not only Christmas Number One in 2009 but also the fastest selling download in one week and the first ever download only for Christmas Number One, countless
others are trying their hand at the same thing. Here’s a list of the top 5 groups on Facebook trying to achieve similar glory:

John Cage – [4’33’’]( (85, 396 fans)

Hardly likely to get any Christmas parties going, but by far the song with the highest comedic value. This track is four and a half minutes of pure silence. Promoted by the involvement of an all star cast including Pete Doherty, Billy Bragg, Orbital and Imogen Heap. Around 85 thousand fans have rallied behind the cause. It’s worrying when 4 and a half minutes of silence at Christmas is preferable to a song. Surreal to say the least.

Biffy Clyro – [Many of Horror](–lH0H3U) (38, 064 fans)

Many diehard Biffy Clyro fans are outraged at X Factor winner Matt Cardle seizing this song not even 6 months after its original release. The group say themselves they do not want to merely stop X Factor gaining the number one spot again after four consecutive wins, but want to give legitimate recognition to the underrated musicians of Biffy Clyro.

Pantera – [Walk ](, 920 fans)
Just fewer than 20 thousand metal fans clearly want to subvert the Christmas tradition and make this classic metal anthem Christmas Number One.

The Trashmen – [‘Surfin Bird’ (The Bird Is The Word)]( (16, 099 fans)
This abrupt two minute mash-up of R&B hits ‘Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow’ by The Rivingtons and ‘The Bird’s the Word’ would undoubtedly make a memorable Christmas number one.

Chris Dennis – [‘The Christmas Sandwich’]( (1809 fans)
What started out as a poor man’s Christmas gift to his family when he couldn’t afford anything better, could now be made into a Christmas Number One thanks to almost two thousand fans on facebook.


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