Animation and Imagination

Though undeniably entertaining, this summer’s leading blockbuster was not the psychological mind blower it claimed to be. Non-committal and a bit unexplained at times (what were those wrist bands and how exactly did they allow Leo to infiltrate and construct dreams?), Inception has been compared to the Matrix, but lacks the clarity and philosophical depth of the sci-fi classic. Unfortunately for a concept with intellectual potential, the finale ended up more of a shoot-‘em-up than a psychological thriller. The film was a fan of epic tag lines over insightful conversation, but inventive special effects somewhat made up for creatively lacking discourse.

**Toy Story 3**
Many film lovers fear the ominous trilogy; especially from the likes of Toy Story- a film that we’ve all grown up with and holds a special place in all of our seven-year-old hearts. Thankfully, Toy Story 3 does not disappoint. In fact, it grows up alongside us, and mirrors the story of our lives as we watch Andy grow up and prepare for college. (Struck a chord with Freshers?) Funny, emotional and with even better one liners from Toy Story favourites – and some gems from characters we’ve just met, this trilogy is original, witty and packing a punch. I tried to hide my sobs, then looked around and realised I was by no means the only one. A trip down memory lane that has plenty unexpected to offer.


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