Freshers flock to Warwick

Welcome to the University of Warwick and the start of a brand new academic year. Oh, and congratulations on getting in. We here at the Boar thought we’d take this opportunity to fill you in on what the University is really like, rather than what the glossy brochures and staged photo ops would have you believe. Don’t worry though, it’s not all big and scary. After all, this is the Warwick Bubble. You may think you’re out in the ‘real world’ – I certainly did – but you’re not, really. I recall one review of the University referring to it as a ‘holiday camp’. They were right. It’s a holiday camp for not-quite-grown-ups-who-happen-to-be-old-enough-to-drink.

And along those lines, there are enough watering holes around campus to keep you thoroughly entertained for weeks. There’s the ‘traditional’ pub the Dirty Duck, where the jukebox is always loud and the real ale always flows; the classy Terrace Bar, where you can catch some fresh air while also trying to catch the eye of that pretty girl/handsome guy on the Piazza, and also do a bit of shisha on a Friday night; and of course the jewel in the Union’s crown, the nightclub venue of the Copper Rooms, where some top acts are coming in play in the first few weeks with the promise of more to come.

Of course, you don’t have to get hammered every night. Whatever your idea of fun, you can calm your pre-uni nerves about being a social pariah – there will be people who share your point of view, maybe even in your own flat. Essentially these are going to be the best few years of
your life so far, so enjoy the friendships and the antics, and you’ll have a million stories to tell your mates back home in no time.

You freshers have no idea how lucky you are. Those of us in our third year were deprived of any sort of Union save a giant tent on Tocil Field for the first 18 months of our course, so don’t take this for granted; it may not be perfect, but don’t ever complain that there’s nowhere on campus you can’t get drunk. Freshers’ fortnight may seem daunting, but before long you’ll be drinking Purple with the pros.

Purple, for those who don’t know, is cider, lager and blackcurrant. Snakebite and black? Never heard of it. We drink Purple here.


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