Cameron’s benefit fraud

With his first Prime Minister’s question at the pulpit as leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, Labour’s newly elected leader, used the opportunity to attack the coalition on their benefit policies. With a hard-nosed line, the coalition has announced plans to cut child benefits for higher rate taxpayers. David Cameron has defended the cuts, saying that higher earners need to help towards cutting the deficit as well.

The plan put forward by the Conservatives involves cutting child benefits for those families with at least one parent earning over £44,000. Announced at the Conservative conference, this has taken the government’s cost-cutting operation to the next level. Families are now suffering at the hand of this ludicrous attempt to reduce the cost of benefits.
This is a further attempt by the coalition to cut the cost of government and it is another hastily thrown together and badly thought out idea. It is also a major U-turn by a government who claimed throughout the election campaign that they would not cut benefits.

The coalition is yet again putting the cost of government and their saving agenda ahead of the welfare of the country and some of its poorest and most deprived citizens. Child benefits are a huge help to many families who need that little extra economic advantage and this plan will make child benefits unfairly distributed and simply take money from those who need it most.
Cuts are meant to hit everyone but at the moment it seems they are hitting families and the middle income earners the hardest. This is an unfair attack on a section of society that the Conservatives aimed to appeal to in the general election.

Far from walking on eggshells, the government is administering some of the biggest and harshest cuts this country has seen in a century. They are slashing departments in all areas of the UK without a second thought, all in the name of cost-cutting and budget reduction.
David Cameron says that we are all in this together and need to cooperate to reduce the deficit, but when cuts hit poorer people the hardest, his words start to appear a bit hollow.


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