New parking restrictions for local roads

Students who have been enjoying the parking space on the roads around Cannon Park could find themselves desperately searching for spaces again after new restrictions come into place.

After complaints from the Cannon Park Residents’ Association (CPRA), the local council has banned parking on certain roads from 10 to 11am and 2 to 3pm starting this week. Nevertheless, some residents are still not happy and claim the plans don’t go far enough, with the CPRA originally voting for a 10-hour ban, running from 8am to 6pm.

One local resident told the Coventry Telegraph, “We are not happy our votes have been overturned behind closed doors and feel it is rather unfair.”

Councillor Gary Crookes rejected such complaints, however, saying, “We asked people for their views; it was not a referendum.”

Students meanwhile will be unhappy that the parking controversy that has been raging from last summer continues. Since free parking and year-long permits were discontinued at the start of the year, many students have struggled with the over-crowding of buses or the cost of running a car.


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