Warwick Karate earn their colours at Nationals

Upholding its reputation as one of Warwick’s most successful sports clubs, the university’s Shotokan Karate Club held its own in the Karate Union of Great Britain’s annual National Student Karate Championships held on 21st November. Established in 1984 the club has never left a tournament without a medal, and this year was no exception, with club president Natasha Ferrier taking gold in the Female Kumite (sparring) category, going on to come fourth against stiff competiton in the kyu grade kata category.

The combined efforts of the Men’s Team, consisting of treasurer Faris Moughal, Vlad Teodoresvu and Jonathan Sing brought home the bronze medal in the Male Team Kumite category, after a hard-fought clash with the Manchester University team, the eventual winners of the category.

Building on this, Teodoresvu, the club’s token Romanian giant, went on to smash his way through to third place in the individual kumite division, whereas Sing’s composure and finesse shone through in his demonstration of Gojushisho Dai, winning himself the silver medal for kata.

Her quality shining through in one of the toughest categories of the day, Sietski Oosterbahn, came third in the individual female kumite, eventually succumbing to the clock and just narrowly missing out on an opportunity for first place. Notably, last year’s winner of the championships and former Warwick Club President, Velin Djidev, made an appearance for LSE’s team, winning silver for his new club in the men’s individual kumite.

The tremendous turn out from Warwick’s club, with excellent efforts also from Andreas Charalambous, Rebecca Chaudhuri and Ramana Mc Connnon, meant that the tournament was an excellent experience for all involved, with the performances of all of our competitors cementing the Warwick Shotokan Karate Club’s reputation as a team of whom to be very cautious.


Male Team Kumite (Faris Moughal, Johnathan Sing, Vlad Teodoresvu) – 3rd place

Female Black Belt Kumite (Sietski Ossterbahn) – 3rd place

Male Kyu Grade Kumite (Vlad Teodoresvu) – 3rd place

Female Brown Belt Kumite (Natasha Ferrier) – 1st place

Male Brown Belt Kata (Johnathan Sing) – 2nd place

Female Brown Belt Kata (Natasha Ferrier) – 4th place

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  • Faris Moughal

    This was written by Faris Moughal, not Chris Hackett

    • Thanks for letting us know, Faris. In the move to the new website, not all of the names have been transferred over correctly, and we’re working on bringing all the older articles up to scratch. I’ve changed the name on the article and made the formatting what it should be as well.

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