Warwick Economics Summit: LIVE

**Day 2**

11:28am Today begins with a number of 20 min micro talks – first up Prof Nikolaus Wolf on Econ History

11:32am “Will we ever learn?”

11:35am Dublin Prof, Dr Delaney self-styled neuro-economist, like Oswald last year but with brain scans.

12:00pm Dual systems – long term rationalism vs older substructure (, which evaluates decisions immediately – the “doer”) Decision making represents a conflict between these structures

12:08pm Need to measure well-being by looking at ‘effects’ – e.g. heart rate.

12:11pm Pension mechanisms with payments made from future pay increases – i.e. lose things from future increases (avoid loss aversion & use hyperbolic discount)

12:13pm Libertarian Paternalism – is Thaler a (oxy)moron?

12:15pm More data than Oswald

12:19pm Karen Chouhan – Equanomics UK – trying to eradicate racial (economic) inequality

12:21pm “How you get and create wealth?”

12:22pm “By 2011 BME consumers will be worth £300 billion to the economy”

12:23pm “Black and Asian consumers spend 44% on clothing per month more than white consumers.”

12:30pm “Least responsible suffer most effects [of Climate Change]” (Dr Patz)

12:45pm Racial Quotas vs. Colour-blind Meritocracy – should university racial and gender profiles reflect the social composition of a society as a whole?

12:46pm Racial Inequality – Causation vs Coincidence?

**Day 1**

10:15am Prof Muthoo on Democracy & Capitalism – encouraging to hear the Econ Head appreciating the importance of Politics

10:20am Democracy & Capitalism: correlation or causation? Muthoo still hasn’t abandoned neoliberal ontology

10:23am Appealing to Hobbesian property rights – using politics to solve economic problems of moral hazard and adverse selection – interesting take.

10:30am Interesting question – would India’s economic performance improve if it was a non-democracy?

11:05am Peter Lunn gives an exciting intro to behavioural economics.

11:15am Thank god for an economist who accepts the possibility of co-operation!

11:28am Soundbite of Lunn talk: “transaction is the new atom of economics”

12:05pm Alistair Darling is about to give 20 min stint

12:10pm Generous question asked about labour flexibility – perfect opportunity for electioneering

12:15pm Very subtle twist: New Labour are now campaigning for ‘Change’ – but importantly a change “for all.”

1:15pm Paul Wilmott is now on – one for stats students

1:28pm A little too obsessed with his own figures

2:05pm Liam Halligan – Telegraph columnist and asset manager. Controversial, atmosphere heated.

2:10pm His bet is the developing economies [surprise surprise](http://www.prosperitycapital.com/)

2:15pm Doom and Gloom

5:00pm Question Time panel – will Mr Halligan be overcome by his own verbosity?

5:09pm Burt: “We don’t realise how clever we are”

5:14pm Taylor: “Sorry, I wasn’t listening”

5:16pm Halligan: “Money for business is nothing more than Investment Banking propaganda”

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