Enter the Dragons’ Den

Young entrepreneurs bring brains, creativity, crazy ideas, and some class and sophistication to the campus.

I recently called my mate Joe; apparently, after endless summers with photocopiers and coffee machines, he has finally found a job that will allow him to devote his life to making money for other people (within a corporate giant). I bet you know someone who wants to be like Joe. However, let me ask you a question – can you imagine being that person?

While typing this article, a word appears on my screen – ‘error’; it just doesn’t sound right!

Thus, dear reader, I ask you to challenge yourself and imagine becoming an ambitious entrepreneur. You would pursue business ideas, constantly face new challenges and at the end of the day you would know that you are working towards your own success. Sounds like a dream? Do you dare to Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)?

For those of you who have never thought about running a business before, here’s a little background on BYOB; the competition is based on the BBC show ‘Dragons’ Den’ where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in order to secure investment finance from tycoons – the ‘Dragons’. Each year the brightest and most enterprising Warwick students rack their wits to generate the innovative business ideas that make BYOB the most exciting competition on campus.

On the 18th February they will fight tooth and nail to win your appreciation, and prize money of up to £2,000. The dragons will include: real-life entrepreneurs, a professor who will bring some academic rigour to the panel, and two experts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Accenture.

By listening to other young entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, maybe you will be inspired to become one, while learning what mistakes not to make next year. See you at 7pm, RO.21 on February 18th. Even Joe said he is coming; apparently his corporation is not a very exciting place to work in the current economic climate.


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