Netball On Target in Community Volunteering

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It’s been a busy three months for the University of Warwick Women’s Netball Club. Working off the back of the club’s most successful year to date, winning three awards at last years Sports Awards (Club of the Year, Exec of the Year, Volunteer Award) the fresh exec have been working hard to make the club bigger and better than ever.

The club made sure to make it’s mark at this year’s Sports Fair, adorning this year’s new marketing slogan “I Love Warwick Netball…Ticking all the boxes” supported by a pyramid of Procter & Gamble’s Fairy washing powder for the disposal of new members. It set the tone for the year, and Warwick netball was surely loved by 150 new additions. Seventy members attending the first circle of term, seventy new sign-ups to the “Netball in School” volunteer programme, forty members for the annual international tour and eighty-five players for our KPMG league.

This year has been a great one for the fourth team, shaped by what is now five UWWNC teams. They now compete in the newly created Women’s Netball KPMG League, hosted and run by UWWNC, has opened up netball to teams across campus such as Mixed Netball, Economics Society, Law Society and soon to be entered, halls of residence teams. Also achieving some pre-varsity success, with Warwick League 1A beating Coventry 3s 31-6. Fresher-shooter Katie Fellows failing to miss a shot.

After all teams being promoted last year, the BUCS teams have continued to utilize their strengths. Midlands Conference Cup Champions, Warwick 1s, sealed their entry to the quarter finals of the cup this week against Nottingham 4ths, beating the opposition 54-14. After losing a succession of players this year and promotion to the Women’s Midlands Conference 2B, Warwick 2s have shown true determination in protecting their place, drawing this week 26-26 to East Anglia’s 1st. This season looks to be an exciting one for Warwick 3rds, after consultation and reconfiguration due to the loss of players, they marked the beginning of their accomplishments against Harper Adams 1st winning 45-25.

This years netball success would be redundant without the work of Warwick Sport’s Steve Sharman. Collaborating with UWWNC to provide the first ever women’s fitness training, attended by clubs such as Women’s Hockey and Rugby. Last term saw the sad departure of Steve to the FA, but it was no quiet exit, Steve enjoyed his final night at Warwick in sports circles of UWMFC and UWWNC, many adorning Steve Sharman t-shirts produced by the team at Warwick Sport office. Steve has left some big shoes for his predecessor to fill, and we have no doubt that he will only continue to further his success with the FA.

The club has pushed the boundaries on it’s volunteer and charity work this year. Expanding the “Netball in Schools” scheme to six schools, seven classes, with over twenty girls participating. The scheme has now also been supported by Val Kindred, Loughborough Netball Coach, who will be coming in next week to teach members, but also teaching staff in the local community, beneficial ways in teaching children Hi5 netball. The seminar is in affiliation with Warwick Volunteers and Warwick Sport. In addition to “Netball in Schools”, over thirty members of UWWNC and Warwick Sport combined took part in the Bath Place project. Renovating Leamington library, to replace the Bath Place community centre proceeding an unfortunate fire disaster last summer. Sponsored by Starbucks, Subway and Vitamin Water, the club completed the entirety of their project ahead of schedule and the community centre now hopes to be officially open for use in the summer 2010.

Last week’s UWWNC Slave Auction also raised a record breaking amount. With games such as Take Me Out, Wheel of Fortune and the traditional auction of members. The event managed to raise a fantastic £521, of which a large proportion will be donated to Right2Play. All in all, it has been a very busy year for UWWNC, but not one without accomplishments. The weeks ahead only look to continue to fulfill the club slogan “Ticking All The Boxes” with tournament, tour, charity fun run and 7x7x7 tournament. Watch this space.

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