New year, new you

Whether you’re back on campus for another year of ‘hard-core’ studying or a piece of fresh meat in town, a new academic year is the perfect opportunity for a ‘style-over’; so to give you a little bit of a nudge in the right direction, here is a selection of the big trends, people and no-go areas for this season!

1. The 80s trend for this season… 80’s style is in vogue for what seems like the tenth season in a row but shoulder pads are a welcome addition to the winter wardrobe! Topshop has delved into the Dynasty archive and gone crazy with our padded pals ending up in everything from knitted jumpers to cocktail dresses. No one is complaining but I do wonder how student friendly this get-up is; after all, unlike Joan Collins, we don’t spend the whole day swanning around a mansion slapping our rivals across the face. Such behaviour is only reserved for Top Banana!

2. The style steals… I am personally sick of this girl but Alexa Chung is so on the money this season it hurts! Whether she’s channelling the boyfriend look (denim hot pants and lumberjack/denim shirt avec tonnes of random accessories) or playing with quirky vintage dresses, Miss Chung can go no wrong. However Alexa’s place as the queen of the style stakes is by no means unchallenged, as the style predators, Sienna Miller and Emma Watson have the fashionable claws to knock poor old Alexa off her pedestal. Whilst Sienna nails every evening look that is going, Emma brings a touch of youthful charm to the ye old British faithful, the trench coat, and is always partial to a piece of utility chic with some 1940s tailoring.

3. The big NO-NO… Lady Ga Ga, I love the music, I loved the quirkiness to start off with, I can even live with those ‘penis’ rumours but seriously, my Lady tone it down a notch please! The Kermit the frog get up was bad but that red lace monstrosity you wore to the VMAs just over stepped the mark: get yourself together woman before it’s too late!

4. The neckline… Cut out details around the neck is an absolute must; you’ll be seeing them on countless dresses for day and night, on your winter warmers and your basic jersey tops. Be careful not to combine powering prints with the cut out neckline; just let the detail speak for itself and just wait for the fashion praise to roll on in!

5. The belt… Honey, I shrunk my belt! This season is all about the super skinny belt; leave the chunky waist band to the summer months, and get hold of our new skinny friend and remember: the more embellishment the better! It will go with your Christmas party frock, your chunky all over knitwear piece, and will look positively smoking when teamed with the classic jeans and blouse combination!

6. The coat…. the dreaded ‘coat shop’ has become a harsh reality for everyone now the temperature has plummeted, and it’s dark even before Hollyoaks is on! But it’s time to get playful with your winter coat, and I have an exciting option for you, the yeti coat. Popular with the 1970s fashionista, the coat that looks like a strange form of road kill is so hot right now it just has to end up on your back. It will add an animalistic touch to any look even if you may feel and look a little bit like a sesame street character. Go ahead, ruffle some feathers!

7. The bag of the moment…. the big slouch. It’s big, it’s full of storage solutions and has it has ‘lecture wear’ written all over it. I know practicality isn’t always the most exciting option when it comes to fashion but when style becomes supersized we are not complaining! Whether it is bathed in patent luxury or made from Primark’s finest faux leather you just have to get involved in this arm candy craze!

8. Invest in… So the student loans are in, and it’s burning one massive hole in your pocket and you just don’t know what to do with yourself. Well Lifestyle has the solution, beg, borrow, steal or invest in a piece of the Christopher Kane for Topshop collection. Christopher has teamed up with the high street powerhouse for one stellar collaboration which sees some of his greatest catwalk hits and innovative ideas come together in one exciting explosion! So what are you waiting for, get on the train to Birmingham Bullring immediately!

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