Summer is over, students are returning to university, and for an unfortunate few, it’s already time to start thinking about what comes after university. With some programs being cut and others dramatically scaled down in recent years, you would be excused for thinking that your chances are slim.

Not necessarily for those who invested in “emergency masters.”

With fewer top firms surviving, particularly in the financial sector, the top firms can afford to be more selective than ever. This is only good news for students emerging from the post-graduate programs they were forced to enter , who will now see themselves at the top of the large employment pool.

Better still, those graduating today can look forward to rapid advancement – many senior people were laid off who will not return to their previous jobs, creating space for rapid advancement for those joining this year.

That is not to deny that competition for jobs will be fierce this year. In fact the ‘over-qualified ‘ class of 2010 may have just set an unhealthy precedent for those who had only ever planned on completing a BA or BSc. More worryingly still are the wider implications for social mobility.

Still, depending on which poll you read, you attend a university placed in the UK’s top five, which has strong alumni ties to the City and – with a former CBI boss as our VC – every top firm in each of the major industries.


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