The Boar embraces the Web

After two years without an online presence, the _Boar_ has finally released its new website. In 2006, the newspaper won the _Guardian_ Student Website of the Year award, but since then it has descended into a state of disrepair and become lost in the depths of cyberspace.

For the last six months a small team of committed technophiles, headed by [Ben Firshman](/users/benfirshman/), have been creating a brand new website so that the newspaper can once again entangle itself within the crevices of the World Wide Web. This means that every week the newspaper’s content will not only be available in hard copy, but also on the website; enabling students to keep up with the university’s latest news even if they are too lazy, or too hungover, to make it out of bed.

You may have noticed that the website’s design is remarkably different from that of the paper. [Matthew Dodds](/users/matthewdodds/), the recently-elected editor of the _Boar_, has been working on a complete redesign of the newspaper to make it a more contemporary and polished publication, and it is hoped that the website will tie in with this. The editor also commented: “Our new website will give students even more chance to get involved with the _Boar_ and be heard through discussion and commentary online.”

The website will hopefully pull the _Boar_ firmly into the twenty-first century and set it apart from other student newspapers.


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