Optimism proves misplaced for upcoming Union election

The Union has announced the candidate list for this year’s elections, with a surprising decrease in the number of applications.

Communications Officer, Mike Pidgeon, last week speculated an increase in the number of candidates for sabbatical positions.

Pidgeon assumed an increase due to the strain the current economic situation is putting on graduate job-seekers, with some opting to defer a year in the work-place by running for a full-time sabbatical position, as well as the attractive prospect of being involved in the final stages of the Union Rebuild.

Yet, despite an increase in the number of applicants for the position of President; Governance and Finance; and Communications, there has been a marked decrease in the number of applications for Education, Welfare, Societies and Sports.

Although the Union was hopeful about an increase in applications for part-time positions such as Women’s Campaign Officer, Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative, Environment Campaigns Officer, Ethnic Minorities Campaign Officer and Welfare Committee Chair, all remain without nominees.

Pidgeon commented, “I would have liked to have seen those contested, no nominations is not great.

However, the Communications Officer put a positive spin on the prospect of positions remaining unfilled: “There are quite a lot of positives from this year’s sabbatical applicants, as I said before it’s about quality not quantity. I’m particularly happy with diversity of candidates, with international students and postgraduates more involved.”

In fact, postgraduates and international students are better represented this year than in previous years. Although there are only seven women running for sabbatical office out of 27 candidates.

Manifestos and campaign teams will be prepared over reading week in time for the beginning of campaigning in week seven.

Candidate Question Time will take place on Monday and Tuesday of Week Seven.

Polls will open on Wednesday at 9am and close on Friday at 9pm, with the successful candidates announced on Saturday of week seven.


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