Accommodation rates on the rise for another year

The general rent rate of University campus accommodation is expected to increase by five per cent overall in the next academic year, according to University Press Officer, Peter Dunn.

“It looks like the overall price increase for the next academic year will be around 5 per cent,” noted Dunn, although it is “subject to approval by Finance and General Purposes Committee.”

Dunn explained the cause of the increase in price is in part due to the rising general inflation as well as the escalating energy prices, which has direct impact on the utility bills.

The University covers the utility expenses of students’ living on-campus such as water, gas and electricity.

The increase in rent rates is in line with past increases. The University routinely applies a mild increase in rent rates over each academic year.

Along with the economic downturn, any further increase in University costs might drive more marginal students away from applying to University of Warwick.

The rent rate of private sector housing in Coventry and Leamington Spa is expected to remain at similar levels with robust student demand and increasing housing supply.

This might make private sector houses more appealing to upcoming final year undergraduates and postgraduates, who have the option between on and off campus accommodations next year.

Rhys Thomas, a second-year history student who will be moving back to campus next year, said, “It’s all in relation, all the rents in Leamington have gone up, so I suppose the University has to stay in competition. Then again, five per cent is a hell of a lot in the current economic climate. There’s not much I can do, I’ll just struggle on.”

Bisha Ali, second-year economics student also living on campus next year, commented, “I think it’s inevitable but I think for students it’s unacceptable because we’re on a limited budget”.

Accommodation ’08/’09 costs ’09/’10 projections
Arthur Vick £115 £121
Benefactors £104 £109
Claycroft £100 £105
Heronbank £107 £112
Cryfield & Hurst £70 £74
Jack Martin £112 £118
Lakeside £109 £114
Redfern £74 £78
Rootes £81 £85
Tocil £82 £86
Westwood £77 £81
Whitefields £70 £73

Estimates rounded to the nearest pound. Based on 5% estimate given by Press Office.


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