Warwick researchers find drug can reverse kidney damage

A study conducted by a team led by staff from the Warwick Medical School has demonstrated that thiamine (vitamin B1) can help reverse early kidney disease in diabetic patients.

The research, funded by the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, was carried out by Dr Naila Rabbani and Professor Paul J Thornalley from the Medical School, alongside researchers from the University of Punjab and Sheik Zaid Hospital.

Over a three month period, they found that a daily dose of thiamine reduced the presence of the protein albumin in urine by an average of 41% per patient. High levels of the protein are an indicator of kidney disease. 35% of the patients had their thiamine levels return to a normal level.

Commenting on the findings, Rabbani said that the research ‘once again highlight[ed] the importance of Vitamin B1’.

The team are now planning to establish a foundation at the university to further thiamine research.


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