Road to Inspiration

An initiative lead by Students’ Union president and education officer, in association with Teach First, will operate a bus scheme, offering students at Warwick the chance to visit local West Midlands schools.

The ‘Inspire’ scheme will give students the chance to share their impressions about university life with pupils.

‘Tommo’ told the Boar, “The Inspire access bus scheme is a very simple idea which will have huge benefits.”

He continued, “Our students will gain invaluable skills and enrich their CV’s whilst tackling an issue of great importance.”

Mohammed Surve, Students’ Union Education Officer, added, “The 11 – 16 year olds whom our students meet will be given the opportunity to explore the potential of going into higher education at a Russell Group institution, an opportunity which they would traditionally shun.”

The scheme will run on weeks 7,8,9 and 10 this term, with buses departing from campus.

The programme includes three school visits per day, and covers both travel expenses and lunch costs for the students involved.

The Students’ Union has also announced that it will be the host of the 2009 National Youth Mind Games (NYMG).

The competition will see gifted Key 3 students from Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham and London becoming involved in a variety of contests and workshops, meant to bring out their creativity, communication, critical thinking skills, problem solving and raising self-esteem.

Students’ Union president, Tommo commented on the event, “The National Mind Games is an exciting opportunity for Warwick Students’ Union to be involved in an electrifying and exhilarating event, once again showing our commitment to widening participation.”

Tommo notes ‘widening participation’ as one of his top-five achievements over the past academic year, by “setting up a scheme for our students and also acting as the host of the 2009 national youth mind games.”

The application deadline for the scheme is February 1st.


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