Last call for smoking on buses in Cov

Travel Coventry are clamping down on passengers that choose to smoke on their buses. Despite the smoking ban that came into law on the July 1 2007, the company claims that there have been a ‘number of incidents’ that have been recorded of people choosing to flout the ban.

As a result, they are launching a poster campaign to ‘remind people of the penalties and their responsibilities’, along with a number for other passengers to report those choosing to light up.

Plain clothed “Safer Travel Inspectors” will also travel on the buses to challenge and fine the smokers. The fine is currently £30 if the individual pays within 15 days, but can rise to £200 if they are taken to court and found guilty.

Councillor Hazel Noonan, Coventry Council Cabinet Member for City Services, said that “it is usually the minority that spoils things for the majority, and this situation proves it.” She added that the aim was to improve the conditions for all passengers and “make public transport a healthier place to travel.”


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