The Dirty Duck to be the new SU Pub

In the first big election of term, Warwick students have voted for the new SU pub to be named The Dirty Duck.

In a landslide victory, The Dirty Duck took over 70 percent of the 1500 votes cast. In second place was The Cask and Kettle whilst The Barrow and Windmill came third.

Students’ Union President, Stuart ‘Tommo’ Thomson, said, “Whilst the Graduate was a hugely popular name, the opening of the new pub is the perfect time to rename what we hope will become a much-loved venue.

“Union outlet names have changed throughout the history of the Students’ Union and I think The Dirty Duck will prove hugely popular.”

Communications Officer, Mike Pidgeon, added that despite the rebuild, The Dirty Duck will still retain the charm of the old Grad. “We’re still keeping the most loved features – particularly plenty of real ale!”

However, some students have criticised the decision to rename the pub. Cara Tully, a second-year Philosophy student said, “I really liked the going to The Grad and I’m not quite sure why the change in name is necessary. Having said that, I think it would be a good idea if they now theme all the bar names so they link with each other.”

There had also been a Facebook campaign to name the pub in memory of Kevin Gately, a 21 year-old Warwick maths student who was killed during protests against the National Front in London in 1974. However, a statement on the SU website responded by saying that although the idea was “seriously considered,” it was decided against because “the majority of people wouldn’t realise why the pub was named that way.”

The Dirty Duck opens at the start of term three.


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